Introduction: Key Chainmail: Your Recycled Armor for the Modern Dark Ages

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Well let's be honest; who has not in their life wished they had chainmail armor to show off with?

Whom of you said yes but are afraid that such aspirations are only for children? That you might look like a fool?

I tell you: be true to the kid in you. Do what you like! Do not become a zombie-adult, build that rocket you have dreamt of! Looking like a fool is a nice added bonus.

This key-chainmail (not to be confused with keychain-mail) will prevent you from:

  • acting normal
  • becoming a square
  • having a midlife crisis
  • being not noticed in a large crowd
  • getting stabbed by a fork (not guaranteed though)

Step 1: Materials

keys, keys and some more keys.

you 'll need a bunch. If you are a proper hoarder like me, you will have a box full of these hidden under heaps of other stuff you will someday find use for.

If you have no such box, or did you decide to throw those away a week ago, after saving them for "a project" for 11 years? Well, you might go to a key shop, and ask them if they have such a box of misshapen keys. Or go from door to door, because everybody has a bunch of keys in a drawer that function no unlocking purpose at all.

Step 2: Tools

  • sturdy jacket

You will need some sturdy jacket to sew these keys onto. Mine was from a french thrift store and smelled of tabacco. It was 1 euro. Make shure your jacket is sturdy because some kg of keys will be hanging from it.

  • A good needle.
  • strong yarn/thread (I can't tell the difference, please leave a comment if this is your area of expertise)
  • completely unnessecairy but optional: homemade tool to punch holes

allright! let's get started!

Step 3: Sew

This is so straightforward that I forgot to make a photo of me sewing. Sorry for that. I know what constitutes a good instructable but it seems the anarchist in me has the upper hand at the moment. I can only hope it is just a phase.

Step 4: Show Off

Let us not forget the most important step of all: showing off your very awesome costume.

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