Introduction: Gangster Necklace From Plastic Trash

About: I am a musical instruments inventor and builder.

I've allways wanted to be a gangster. Big shiny necklace and talking trash.
Lucklily I've got a lot of trash in my workspace. I mean loads...

Can't we use that junk to funkify our appearance? Do you like to make something ridiculous?

I say hell yeah! Life is to short to be normal.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

We will need:

  • a broken bicycle inner tube.
  • some form of pvc pipe, choose your size: the bigger, the more badass.
  • some sort of cutting tool for pvc or a metal saw
  • scissors

I must admit: the amount of brainpower that needs to be wielded for this project is minimal.

nonetheless: please be safe, dont put fingers where you want stuff to be cut. Same goes for using a saw. Saw into the material, not your hand. You can use a vice to make this easier.

Step 2: Cut the Bicycle Tube to Strips

We will cut the bicycle inner tube into long strips.

  1. cut the valve off crosswise
  2. cut the tube open lengthwise
  3. cut a smaller strip from the resulting wide strip
  4. wrap it around your hand for a nice photo (optional).

Step 3: Making the Beads

Make the beads by cutting or sawing the PVC tube to small lengths. You can vary the dimentions of course!

again, watch those fingers!

Step 4: Lace It Up

Lace the small strip through the beads you've just made. Tie a knot in the rubber strip at the lenght you think is most comfortable/ gangsterly. Cut of excess.

Step 5: Show Off

The most important step of all; show off your funky necklace!

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