Introduction: Key Ring Hex Bit

Hy everybody, this instructable describe the construction of a fantastic tool : the KEY RING HEX BIT

Step 1: First Operation : the Sacrifice

to realise this useful tool you have to make a sacrifice in Your socket wrench tools set : you take your Drive Sliding Tee Breaker Bar 1/4in and separate (with a hammer or anything else you want to use ...) the bar from the rest of the tool.

Step 2: Second Operation : the Reunification

after you take the shackle and open the screw, place the hole of the head of your old Drive Sliding Tee Breaker Bar inside the shackle and tighten the screw. then put a Socket Hex Bit 7/64-1/4in. Drive and plug youre favorite Hex Bit 7/64 screwdriver.

Step 3: Final Step

after you can place a key ring in the hole of the screw of the shackle and place it in a carabiner .

Your Key Ring Hex Bit is ready.

to resume you need :

- a Drive Sliding Tee Breaker Bar 1/4in
- a shackle
- a Socket Hex Bit 7/64-1/4in.
- youre favorite Hex Bit 7/64in. screwdriver or any 1/4in bit.

have a nice day


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