Introduction: Paper Quilling Earring Necklace Set

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This is a DIY quilling jeweley set..

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so, lets start making it..

Here is the link of how to make Paper Quilling Earrings with pendant set:

Step 1: What We Need?

what we need???

  • Quilling paper 3mm orange and greenish blue colour
  • quilling tools
  • scissor
  • craft glue
  • varnish
  • headpins
  • spacer
  • quilling mould for making dome shape
  • orange beads
  • jewellery tools
  • ball chain golden color
  • one tint stone for decoration

Step 2: Making Earring Shape (dome)

Make a long strip by joining 5 orange and 4 green strip.

start fro two orange strip, and the alternative one green and one orange strip.

make a tight roll and secure with glue.

for making making tight / loose rolls, i have many other tutorials, plz visit.

give a first dome shape using fingers, and then use quilling mould for a proper dome shape.

Step 3: Secure the Dome

glue the dome both from inside and outside, let its dry..

once dried, spray varnish to make it water resistance..let it dry again

Step 4: Attach Findings

I have shown in the pictures how I arrange finding for earrings.

  • attach a headpin through the dome
  • add one bead cap
  • next to add a spacer
  • next one glass orange colour bid and finish with another spacer
  • bend and make a loop using jewellery tools.
  • attach earring hook

Step 5: Decorate With Golden Ball Chain

now decorating part start..

use some glue and paste the golden ball chain as shown.

let it dry.

net, add some more glue and paste another round of ball chain, as shown

let it dry

Step 6: Earrings Are Done

this is how the earrings will look finally..

Next, start making pendant

Step 7: Making Pendant Basic Shape

I use one round glass bottle and one glue bottle to make circle.

  1. glue one end of green strip, and roll it , use glue to secure the roll.
  2. secure the end part with glue, let it dry, take it out.
  3. make another circle of smaller diameter in similar way.
  4. join one orange and one green strip, and make a tight roll
  5. these are the basic shape we need for pendant

Step 8: Fill the Empty Parts

attach the shapes as shown,

first bigger circle, then smaller circle from inside, and the tight roll inside the smaller circle.

fill it with honey comb design.

how to make honey comb design??

insert the quilling paper in the quilling toll start making roll, after rolling a small part, take out the tool, insert the paer again in the toll and start rolling. repeat this till the complete trip get rolled.

not fill the empty part of the pendant with this design.

It will look as shown.

Step 9: Add Ball Chain to Pendant

now add glue to the boarder of the pendant, now paste golden ball chain as shown.

Add one big jumpring to the pendant as shown..

Step 10: Add Necklace Cord

now add a necklace cord, and another layer of gold ball chain as shown.

and give the final look.

Step 11: Finally Done

Now its complete and ready to use..

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