Introduction: Kids Summer Crafts_Diorama: Made With Shoe Box,Straw and Pompoms

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I made this kids craft Diorama for summer. This project is

so easy and low cost. It’s made with a shoe box, straw, pompom.

Project materials list:

1) Shoe Box (for making Diorama)

2) Straw (for making bamboo)

3) Pompoms (for making Panda)

4) Floral moss (for making ground)

5) Construction paper (for making bamboo leaves)

6) Glue

7) Felt (for making panda's eyes and nose)

8) Acrylic color

Step 1: Making Diorama

For making this diorama I used a shoe box which is pre-cut. You can use any shoe box or cookie box or cardboard box, and cut it as shown in the pic.Then I painted the background with acrylic color and dry it.

Step 2: Making Bamboo

For making bamboo I used the straw. And Icolored it with acrylic paint as shown in the pic.So it looks like bamboo.I used 2 shade of green acrylic color.And it need to dry

Step 3: Making Panda

For making panda I used black and white pompoms. 2 white pompoms for head and body. And black pompoms for making legs and ears. And I used black felt for making eyes and nose.With glue, I attached the white pompoms(head and body)then I attached the black pompoms for making legs. And on top of the head, I attached small black pompoms for making ears.Then I attached the pre-cut black felt for making eyes and nose.

And our cute Panda is ready.

Step 4: Decorating the Diorama

Now, we have to decorate the diorama. So first using hot glue I attached all the bamboo as you can see in the pic.And then using tacky glue on the ground I attached the floral green moss.So now our ground is ready. Then I cut some green construction paper for making bamboo leaves and using glue I attached to the bamboo tree.

So now our diorama background is totally ready. Then using glue I placed the panda to the ground.

My diorama is ready now.You can obviously add something else from your imagination to give a perfect look as you want.

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