Introduction: Kids Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack Made for Pennies!

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Create a Super sci-fi rocket jet pack for your little rocketeer!
Easy to make with recyclables you may already have! 

Step 1: Create the Backpack From Cardboard and Webbing!

To begin take a piece of cardboard that fits the width of the child's back.
Build arm straps like a back pack.  Through the top and around to the side.  I used old backpack webbing and just stapled it in place to create arm holes!   I added a strap across the chest that is stapled to the arm loops and buckles in front.  It's like the rocket stabilizers.  :)
You could use old webbing, shoelaces, or rope, braided yarn, twill tape...anything you have on hand!

Step 2: Soda Bottles Become Jet Turbines!

Take two 2-liter soda bottles that have been cleaned and labels removed.
Lightly mist them with silver spray paint.  Because you will be gluing these to the cardboard, you only need to mist the tops and sides of them, not all around.  It was hot out, so it didn't take long to dry! 

Step 3: Spewing Flames!

Hot glue the bottles to your cardboard back-pack.   Then take some red, yellow or orange felt and hot glue flames inside the bottle opening.  We used felt because that's what we had!  You could use crepe paper, ribbon, yarn, colored paper...

Step 4: Ignition Switch...ready for Blast Off!

Add a felt ignition switch to the front strap and you are ready for lift off!

Step 5: We Have Lift-off! Rocket Jet Packs Are a Success!

Let the little Rocketeer take it for a test ride!  This was so worth the 20-30 minutes we spent making it!  Hours of fun through the months to come!  He even wears it shopping or to the Library! 

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