Introduction: Killer Whale (orca) Resin Art | Diorama

Welcome to my new tutorial, Its Killer ( Orca ) in resin.I tried to make Orca and Manta ray with polymer clay .Its very beautiful diorama.In this diorama I made Ice glacier with real effect.


Plaster of Paris,

Polymer clay,

Acrylic colors,

Resin with blue pigment,

Step 1: Making of Glacier Effect

In this diorama I used Plaster of Paris for glacier effect.For this I used plastic container and aluminium foil.

Step 2: Making of Orca and Manta Ray

For making of Orca and Manta ray I used polymer clay ,made the shape , bake it and apply acrylic color.It very easy.

Step 3: Filling of Resin

I used clear epoxy resin with blue pigment.Fill the epoxy in 3 to 4 layers.For more detail you have to watch the video.My project is ready for decoration.