Introduction: Kinder Chocolate Bouquet

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Sometimes we are confused what to get when we are invited to a birthday party and gifting gift card is just too common. What about chocolate bouquet (plus candy!)? It is liked not just by little people but big people as well ;)

Step 1: Method

various types of kinder chocolate bars (I use country and regular)

dowels or bamboo skewers (not the flimsy ones tho!)

double side sticky tape

sticky tape

candies (of your choice)

ribbons (curly ones)

tissue papers (colors of your choice)

floral blocks

letter stickers

pipe cleaners (preferably the gold or silver ones)

brown paper (or white)

plastic flower pot

gift plastic wrap

glue gun

a rope (the one that is used to tie chicken legs or turkey legs)

Attach a candy at one end using sticky tape to a dowel. Tie a curly ribbon (if you get the one that isn't curly, curl it up by snapping with either a knife or a scissor) covering the sticky tape. Make as many as you like.

Cover/wrap each Kinder Country with brown/white paper, secured with sticky tape, then attach it to a dowel/skewer with either double side sticky tape or glue gun. Spell Happy Bday on each wrapped chocolate with letter stickers.

Make a candy garland using either rope, ribbon, or pipe cleaners by attaching each candy with sticky tape.

With two different colors of tissue paper, place them nicely into the pot.

Place floral block into the pot (adjusting the size by cutting with knife if needed). Make sure block is tight and pressing down the tissue papers.

Start pressing in each dowel to the block and adjusting places to make the bouquet looks nice.

Decorate with curled pipe cleaners or any other additional decorations you prefer such as flowers, leaves, other chocolates (as shown, they are also attached to the dowels with double side sticky tape, etc.)

Your bouquet is ready. Wrap with see through plastic gift wrap and gift it away :)

NOTE: I also placed candies here and there covering floral block

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