Introduction: Kinects Wachusett Mountain Lion

This is the final product, Wachusett Mountain Lion

you will need

12 white 8 way connectors

2 gray one way connectors

8 green 4 way connectors

16 green sticks(very small)

12 white sticks(small)

Step 1: Making the Legs

these are the four legs of the mountain lion


-8 green connectors (2 for each leg)

-8 white rods (2 for each leg)

Step 2: Making the Body

This is the body of the Wachusett Mountain Lion


-10 green rods

-8 white connectors

Step 3: Connecting the Body to the Legs

Connect the legs to the body by connecting each leg vertically into the white connector, do this for each leg , for the front legs do it at the very two front white pieces. For the hind legs use the back two white pieces.

Step 4: Making the Head and Neck

this is the head of the Wachusett Mountain Lion.


-4 white connectors

-6 green rods

-4 white rods

-2 gray one sided connectors (these will be used to attach the head into the body

Step 5: Connecting the Head to the Body

slide the two rods into the circular holes of the white connectors on the front of the body. once these are slid into place use the two one way gray connectors on the end of the white rods as shown

Step 6: Final Product

your design is now finished