Introduction: Kit-Kat Chest Cake

Today was a special day, It was the birthday of my youngest cousin. Buying a gift for young ones is the most tough, specially if you want it to be something handmade.

After a lot of thinking I decided to make a cake for her. But I actually wanted it to be a surprise.

now the question was what kind of cake did I wanted to make as I am pregnant.

I don't have an oven in my house due to lack in electricity. India has hot weather so making frosting is also tough.

After doing some homework I decided to make ganache frosting and bake my cake in two layers in a pressure cooker.

I chose milk chocolate ganache frosting because it has a tendency to stay in shape and milk chocolate is easy to get in my small city.

I wanted to make something interesting for the topping. the idea of making kit kat chest popped in my mind. It was an idea I got from dessert designer book by dan.

I hope you like it.

Step 1: Total Ingredients

total (2 CAKES)

Maida ( all purpose flour) 1 & 3/4 cup

Sugar 1 and 1/2 cup

Cocoa powder 3/4 cup

Milk 1 cup

baking powder 1 and 1/2 teaspoon

baking soda 1 and1/2 teaspoon

salt half teaspoon

vanilla 1 tablespoon

oil half cup

hot ( boiling) water half cup

two eggs

(i halved the ingredients to get two cake layers by baking separately as I don't have equipment for slicing equal layers )


6 kit kat (4 sticks)

1 piece mini dark chocolate for sticking

20 Gold chocolate coins

5-6 assorted fox candies


cadbury silk chocolate 150 grams

heavy cream 150 grams


hershey minitures (optional)

Step 2: Cake Making

wet ingredients

in the bowl add


vanilla essence



now whisk well

add milk

dry ingredients

In a strainer put,

Maida ( all purpose flour)


baking powder

baking soda

cocoa powder

strain well to avoid lumps

and mix with spoon

fold dry ingredients into wet ingredients. add hot water. Pour the batter into greased pan.

Step 3: Baked Cake

Cool down your cake and trim the dome.

wrap it in the plastic wrap and place it in freezer to cool down further. This helps the frosting to stay.

Step 4: Making Chest

Melt the dark chocolate in microwave and use it to stick the kit kat sticks.

To make the lid, use one whole candy bar and 3/4 of another bar, broken at a perforation. Lay the bars on a piece of non-stick paper and brush the broken end of the 3/4 bar with melted chocolate.

Place the short end of the wafer bar brushed with chocolate against the short end of the standing chocolate bar. Apply a third candy bar onto the other end of the wafer bar brushed with chocolate, forming three quarters of the box. Repeat with a fourth chocolate wafer bar and fit it between the two open short ends to close the box.

Step 5: Ganache Frosting

i used jessyratfink ganache recipe using milk chocolate for my cake.

Step 6: Assenbling

follow the pictures.

place your 1st layer of cake.

add your frosting

place chocolate pieces

stack seconf cake layer

add more frosting

now place your kit kat chest

add your left over cake crumbles inside the chest

now add your gemstones( candies) and gold coins.

top with lid your cake is ready

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