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Introduction: Kitchen Shelf Reconditioned

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One of the shelves in my kitchen had got into pretty bad shape over a long term of usage.

This shelf which consists of two 2'X1' galvanized iron horizontal pieces had been used to keep hot, oily and wet pans. As a result there was accumulation of oil and severe rusting leading to a sizable opening in the top piece.

I have now reconditioned this shelf by cleaning it up and tiling the horizontal members with some left over ceramic tiles.

The reconditioned tiled shelf should now be able to handle the hot pans and also be easier to maintain.

Step 1: Cleaning Up

Scrubbing and cleaning removed the oil and dirt and sand-papering cleaned up the rusted portion.

Step 2: Gluing the Tiles

I first placed the tiles approximately and checked out the alignment

I used 'Synthetic Rubber Adhesive' as the glue.

I applied the glue using a brush onto the cleaned metal and placed the tiles carefully

Step 3: Setting

I placed a newspaper over the glued tiles and placed some weights over them so as to provide pressure for proper adhesion.

After drying overnight, on removing the weights the shelf now has a nice look.

Step 4: Filling Up the Edges

I used waterproof crack powder to fill up the edges.

The second image is a close up of one edge after filling up.

Step 5: In Use

The shelf is back in the kitchen and in use.

May get it back for a paint touch up.

I have placed some aluminum foil under the oily 'Tawa'.

Should be able to maintain it better now!

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    6 years ago

    Nice job! I love the idea of fixing up rather than getting rid of old things!


    6 years ago

    Using those tiles is a stroke of brilliance and the shelves should last forever! Rust conditioning paint, as you said, will be a great touch for the rest of it! Well Done, friend!