Introduction: Kitchen-aid Juicer Set Up

Need to make some homemade juice? Ready to make some sauce out of all those tomatoes from the garden? This is a great instructable to help you get the kitchen-aid juicer set up to make some great juice.

Step 1: Connect the Drive Unit.

Remove the accessories port cover on the kitchen-aid. Take the juicer base and turn it until the drive shaft slides into the slot. Then turn the drive base until it lines up with the accessory port notch. Tighten the lock knob to hold it in place.

Step 2: Adding the Basket

Slide the basket down onto the base assembly. You should feel some resistance as you do this from the the gasket sealing the central shaft and the basket juice holder. Add the basket wiper into the basket. It should simply insert and remain loosely in place.

Step 3: Strainer & Cutter

Choose the basket that you want to use based on the type of juice you want. The hole size on the strainer denotes how thick the finished juice will be. The smaller the holes the thinner the juice. Larger hole strainers are recommended for making sauces and soups. Place the strainer in the center and slide down in place on the drive shaft. Twist the basket so that the arrows line up on the basket and the strainer. Insert the cutter insert on top of the drive shaft and push down into place. The outside of the cutter should line up even with the basket.

Step 4: The Lid & Juice

Add the lid to the top of the basket. Line the unlock area up with the left top of the basket until it fits over top the basket. Once lined up twist the basket right until it slides completely into the locked position. This takes a considerable amount of force to get in place because the lid pushes down on a safety switch that allows the whole system to rotate. If the unit does not spin when the mixer is on, then the lid is not completely locked in place. Place the juice pitcher under the juice spout, and the pulp container under the pulp shoot.

Turn the mixer on to setting 10, and add what you want to juice. You are Done!