Introduction: Kite Aerial Photograph - Smartphone

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So you want to to take Aerial Pictures with your Old Smartphone?

You can do it for a few $'s and I am going to tell you how to do it.

You will also need a Kite, I suggest a Delta Kite and a Smartphone.

I used an old Iphone, and YES the phone is at HIGH RISK of being lost.

Step 1: Parts You Will Need to Take Aerial Pictures

First you need a small crate [ I found mine at staples ] and a few more smaller parts.

You will need two D-clips [ I used the cheap dollar store models, they carry little weight ]

You need 4 screw in eye-screws, a small washer and a flat piece of rubber.

I took a small tripod apart to get the swivel head so I could point the camera where I want it to look at.

Lastly you need some kind of holder for the phone, I used a Kugl holder for the older Iphone.

Step 2: Cutting the Crate to Make the Picavet

We are going to start the pendulum device that stabilize the camera is called a Picavet.

Cut the bottom of the crate down, and screw in the screw-eye's and drill a hole in the middle to attach the Smartphone holder.

Step 3: Put the Camera Rig Together Using the Parts Described

The Phone is held underneath the rectangular plastic crate base.

See picture for the configuration.

The Picavet consists of a pendulum that is attached to the kite rope at two points.

The thread pattern of the Picavet is from, and is pictured for your use.

Step 4: Hanging the Camera [ Smartphone ] on the Kite Lite

Once you have assembled the Rig, you can now use the D-Rings to attach the Rig to the Kite Line

Make sure you add at least one twist to the kite line as you clip the D-Ring onto the Kite Line, or it won't stay where you put it on the line.

You will use an app to fire the smartphone camera, and I will give you that information in the next step.

Step 5: Apps to Use - Time Lapse - Intervalometer

The Apps that fire the camera periodically on a Smartphone are called Intervalometers

Examples are Tine Time Lapse for Android and iMotion for Apple

Now you can go and fly and come home with Aerial Pictures.


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