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Introduction: Kitty Castle With Scratchpole

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First of all, there was the idea to take in two kitties from the local animal shelter. To avoid to much damage to furniture I wanted to have a scratchpole for them and also a place, where they could hide.
If you are a cat-owner by yourself you probably know the ugly plushy cat-trees which are usually sold in shops. For me, this was an absolute no-go! So I headed out in the internet looking for alternatives an found this:
and this:
I immediately thought, that underneath the "balcony" I should be able to integrate the scratching pole and started sketching.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

As the castle (or catsle as it's called on moderncat) should match the bookcase next to it, I decided to build it in laminated 16mm birch plywood in Germany commonly known as "Siebdruckplatten" (screen printing panels?).
The joints I made with simple wooden bars (20x20mm), screwed into the corners. One could also use metal angle brackets or if you have the tools on hand, you could also use a biscuit-joiner, Lamello or similar (I would have preferred this).

As other tools you will need:
  • jigsaw
  • drill with necessary bits
  • screwdriver
  • carpetknife
materials / partlist:
  • wood 16mm:
    • 2x: 1600x470 mm (back and front)
    • 2x: 1600x600 mm (sides)
    • 2x: 470x568mm (top and lower floor)
    • 1x: 568x800mm (middle floor and base for pole)
  • some carpet of your choice
  • scratching pole (mine was the cheapest I could find, plus a spare piece,screwed together with a fitting rod)
  • screws
  • glue

Step 2: Building

The wood I bought cut to the right size already, so I only had to make the cutouts an the drilling. I think I don't need to explain this part in full detail because it's pretty straight forward: make the cutouts and assemble according to sketch. Best do it from bottom to top and front to back and put the carpet on the floors before(!) you fix the backwall!…
Just make sure, that you do the larger cutout for the "balcony" as proper as possible, because you will need this part as the bottom for the pole!
The measurings are all in the pictures. If you need them in a larger size go to my flickr set.
According to the hight of your pole, you might need to adjust the height of the balcony-floor. 

Step 3: Set Up and Let the Cats Enjoy

When assembled you only have to put the castle in your livingroom an hope the cats will accept it. Some nice and cosy blankets or cushions and some sprinkles of catnip might do the trick…. ;-)

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    prickly vegan

    I love this, and I bet my furballs would approve too! I would love to make a more modular version of this. I move a lot, and being able to flatten things is helpful. Also, it would make it easier to clean, and make room for guests... Hmm. This does look really classy, though. Love the pics, and those gorgeous cats!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm totally with you on the modular idea. I just moved and this thing is really heavy! If yo go for a modular version, it would be nice to get some pics or even a complete instructable when you're done. ;-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i really like this. Pet "furniture" is so expensive. this seems fairly straight forward simple build. Along with 2 cats we also have a dog which likes to chase the cats around. he doesn't do anything to em, he just seems to get pleasure from making them scramble. I think that cats would like to have a place to get away, especially if there's a perch where they could look down at the dog and torment him for a change.
    seems like one of the sides should be removable just so you can get inside there for cleaning.

    Great project!

    I am also looking for more attractive alternatives to the standard ugly carpeted kind. And I like that they can hang out in a covered area (for a shy kitty) or in the open up top.

    Now if there were a moat with fish for them to stare at... : )


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You might want to switch one of the final photos out to be the main one - I think you'll get more views with an action shot of the castle. :) People love cats, afterall! The second picture on the last step is fantastic!

    And I really really love this project! I'm also not a fan of those ugly carpet covered things, but my cats are in need of some furniture. This looks like a good way to go!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the tip, already done!