Introduction: K'nex - MP5K Instructions

Hey guys, and today I bring you instructions for the MP5K (Maschinen Pistole 5 Kurz). It is a fully automatic sub machine gun seen in many wars conflicts and it is also used by some police and armed forces today. It was mainly designed for close quarter combat which is why it is small and compact. Many other variants of the MP5K do exist with different magazines, stocks, barrel lengths, weight, select fire, grip attachments and suppressors.

Anyway let's talk about the MP5K, it's not my own design since it does belong to Instructabler E Pluribus Unum as I did follow the pictures that he posted of his own MP5K to make this one and of course I have made instructions for it so you can have your very own K'nex MP5K. The MP5K took me 3 hours and 5 minutes to build it and this does include making minor tweaks and adjustments to it.

Good Points

· Comfortable Handgrip

· Very Realistic

· Includes Dual Mags (Go To Step 6)

· Good Iron Sights

· Removable Magazine

Bad Points

· Doesn't Shoot Because It's Just A Model

· Uses Quite A Lot Of Cut Pieces (See Parts List)

Specifications For A Real MP5K

· Designed - Between 1964 and 1966

· Number Built - Unknown

· Ammo - Mainly 9×19mm Parabellum

· Rate Of Fire - 700 to 900 Rounds Per Minute

· Powered - Roller-Delayed Blowback & Closed Bolt

· Magazine - 15 to 40 Round Magazine

· Range - Between 75 and 218 Yards

In Call Of Duty: Zombies, the MP5K is available in all Black Ops maps except for the WAW remakes and it also appears in all Black Ops II maps except for the map Origins where it can be bought off the wall for 1000 points. It's a fairly good weapon for the first 10 rounds because ammo can be bought off the wall. Speed Cola will cut the reload time to just 1.5 seconds and Double Tap is useful at increasing the rate of fire as it is slow. When it is Pack-A-Punched for 5000 points it becomes the “MP115 Kollider" where you get more ammo, more damage and a bigger magazine. When it is upgraded with Double Tap or Double Tap 2.0, it does make a good points maker and ammo can be bought off the wall.

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Step 1: Parts List

If you have any trouble or need more pictures just leave a comment and I will get back you ASAP. I strongly advised you to collect all the pieces before you start building. Also I have added a few notes throughout this instructable to make it more easier to understand something if you run into any difficulty.

Green Rods - 160

White Rods - 49

Blue Rods - 14

Green Connectors - 11

White Connectors - 32

Yellow Connectors - 50

Red Connectors - 15

Light Grey Connectors - 1

Dark Grey Connectors - 17

Orange Connectors - 33

Tan Connectors - 2

Tan Connectors (with the little tab cut off) - 7

Y Shaped Black Connectors - 22

1.9cm cut Rods - 13

3.1cm cut Rods - 11 (5 can be replaced with a blue rod and grey connector)

4.3cm cut Rods - 7 (These can replaced with rubber bands)

Green Rods (cut, see step 3) - 1

White Connectors (cut, see step 2) - 2

Yellow Connectors (cut, see step 3) - 12

Black Hinge Half - 1

Blue Hinge Half - 1

Rubber Bands - 2

Total - 463

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Trigger & Magazine Well

Step 4: Foregrip & Outer Panels

Step 5: Magazine

Step 6: Dual Mags

Step 7: Done

Well done you made it to the end, I do hope you have enjoyed building it.

Zombie Quotes About The MP5K

"Ah the bullets shall rain upon the demon spawn"

"Dear me this seems like a rather deadly tool"

"Alright who wants to try and take me"

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