K'nex ATV (side-by-side)

Introduction: K'nex ATV (side-by-side)

I've built this small side-by-side kind of vehicle, with steering and fully independant suspension. I know it has only one seat (thus not making it a true "side-by-side"), but I didn't find any suitable seat design that could have 2 fitted. Anyways. The steering system might be similar to other people's system, but I thought about it without checking on the world wide web. But, I know I have inspired myself from an Instructables user to do the suspension system, I don't remember his ID though. If anyone knows, tell me please ! And if there are any requests for a full blown tutorial.. I could make one. the model is actually quite simple, considering I have a very limited amount of K'nex to play with ! 

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    Dude just post instructions it is sooo cool. It has a unieque shape and it looks like it has great potential .