Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle Instructions

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Hi everybody this is my 3rd Ible!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to present to you my Assault Rifle. It has a 14 round mag that is for yellow rods. Now let’s make it!!!

Step 1: Building Part 1

It is very easy. Just follow the Pics
Pic 1: Make this.
Pic 2: add the blue rods.

Step 2: Internals

These are the important parts of the gun.
Pic 1: Make This.
Pic 2: Add these on.

Step 3: Building Part 2

This is easy.
Pic 1: Make another of these panels.
Pic 2: Put it on.
You dont have to add the cut rod.

Step 4: Mag.

Pic 1-3:Make these
Pic 4 Combine
Pic 5: Put it on.

Step 5: Extras.

Pic 1-2 Make these.

Step 6: Done!!!!

Thank You for making my gun. I am Out!!