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Introduction: Knex Automatic Card Shuffler

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Hey guys, we're back! Yes, me and Shadowman39 are back with, yet another, awesome ible!

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This time we decided to build a card shuffler. This neat gadget will shuffle your cards for you, so you won't have to do it. And, it's all motorized. It will fit any standard-sized poker or playing cards, so anyone can have one.

So, you likey? Of couse you do! Now move on to the next step to build it! If you don't want to, then... build it anyway. :-P

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Shadowman39 worked hard on this video. :-D Here's the card shuffler in action:

Step 1: Parts List

Here's all of the pieces you'll need to build the card shuffler.

Rods: 261

  • green-149
  • white-79
  • blue-16
  • yellow-6
  • red-11
  • gray-0

Connectors: 178

  • dark gray-31
  • light gray-6
  • red-18
  • green-5
  • yellow-18
  • white-24
  • orange-8
  • blue-15
  • purple-53

Other: 106

  • small wheel-8
  • small tire-4
  • blue spacer-33*
  • silver spacer-24*
  • tan clip-10
  • blue clip-6
  • Y connector-16
  • thick-ish rubber band-2
  • thin rubber band-2

Total: 545

And, there's no point in building a card shuffler if you don't have any cards, so get some! :-)

*Numbers may vary.

So, if you have all of these pieces, then let's shuffle on!  (pun intended... hehe)

Step 2: Shuffler Base- Part 1

This is the first part of the shuffler, this is the part where you insert the cards.

Follow all of the notes on the pictures.

Step 3: Shuffler Middle- Part 2

This is the second part of the shuffler.

Follow all of the notes on the pictures.

Step 4: Shuffler Middle- Part 3

This is the third part of the shuffler.

Follow all of the notes on the pictures.

Step 5: Shuffler Middle- Part 4

This is the fourth part of the shuffler. A bit of a short step...

Follow all of the notes on the pictures.

Step 6: Shuffler Top- Part 5

This is a top section that will go onto the back of the shuffler.

Step 7: Other Details- Part 6

In this step, you'll make the things that the cards will slide on when they are emptied into the tray. Then you'll make the card pusher.

Step 8: Shuffler Top- Part 7

This top section will complete the look of the top. Also, you'll build the battery pack holder.

Step 9: The Motor- Part 8

Here is the part that will make it all automated: the motor!

I'm sorry about this step, but it is all in one clump. It was too fiddly to take apart, but there are loads of pictures!

Step 10: Attaching the Shuffler and the Motor

Here you'll attach the motor to the shuffler and connect the battery pack.

Step 11: Other Parts-Part 11

Now you'll build a bottom section and fix up the rubber bands.

Step 12: Card Tray-Part 12

This is the tray that will hold the shuffled cards.

Step 13: The Other Shuffler

This is the other shuffler, just repeat steps 2-8, but do not add the battery pack holder as the other one.

Follow the notes on the pictures! :-)

The second picture is what it should look like.

Step 14: Connecting the Other Shuffler

Attach the other shuffler to your model. Make sure the rubber bands are fixed up right.

Step 15: Finished!

Congrats, you are now finished with our awesome card shuffler!

All you have to do to shuffle them is cut the deck in half, insert each half into the two sides, turn the motor on, and watch the cards get shuffled.

Have fun shuffling cards!

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12 years ago on Step 9

Can you do this with the plain green motor?


Reply 12 years ago on Step 9

Possibly, but you will have to modify it.


7 years ago on Introduction

What if I don't have that moter? can I just use a green one?


Reply 7 months ago

Yes, but you need modifications.


Reply 7 years ago

I made it with the blue motor and it works just fine. See.


Reply 7 months ago

I made it with the green one


11 years ago on Introduction

A two year old would be able to spell it properly.
Grammar wins!
Stupid 10 year old FAILS!


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Don't forget full stop and capital letters. Also it's 'that's' not 'thats'.

Mr eggtastic
Mr eggtastic

Reply 1 year ago

you're right! (with the apostrophe 🤣)