Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Elysium, Elements

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Here are the instructions for the new elements from my knex ball machine Elysium.

If you have any questions or problems, you can always comment or send me a message.

There are a lot of image notes in this instructable, if you're building an element please read them because sometimes they can be helpful.

Thanks for watching / building!


Step 1: Ferris Wheel

Just another ferris wheel, very simple.

Step 2: Swinging Bridge

A cool looking element where one ball waits to leave the bridge once a second ball enters. Gravity resets the mechanism.

Step 3: Down-up Arm

First going down, then going up again. This is a rather big element, but it looks good in a ball machine and works very well.

Step 4: Dizzy Gears Drop

It works perfectly and is funny to watch. You can make it as high as you want.

Step 5: Pendulum

This is a big element that took surprisingly little time to create. Making the movement of a pendulum, hence the name, this element works perfectly.

Step 6: Mini Panel Zigzag Drop

You can make this element as high as you want.

Step 7: Yellow Zigzag

This element uses a lot of yellow rods and green connectors, so if you have a lot of those parts left, this element is perfect for you. The last pictures show you how to attach the element to a red rod frame, but you can always improvise and do it your own way if you want.

Step 8: Chainsaw Drop

You can make this element higher if you want. This one is the same as in Elysium.

Step 9: Back and Forth

This element was invented accidentally while trying to make something else. I'm not sad about it, because this one looks good and works well. You can easily choose the side for the entrance track, just attach it to the side you want.

Step 10: Vertical Track Drop

This is not really an element, but it was used in Elysium and I think it can be useful for you too. These things place the ball perfectly on the track, very useful for when you want to make a steep drop. The one with yellow rods was used in Elysium, but I also made a blue rod version, so you can easily attach it to a red rod structure. The track sticking out at the top is not necessary, I just didn't want to cut it.

Step 11: Green Ring

This is made to decorate. You can use it for whatever you want: Make a ball jump through it, attach it on top of your machine, make it longer, make multiple rings to combinate,... It's not really an element, but I thought it was worth to share it with you.