Introduction: Kne'x Cobra 2.0, SMG Styled Gun

About: When in doubt, C4

Hey, this is my new addition to the world of Kne'x guns. 
It is my second uploaded creation although I have had many other failed projects.
It is a giant leap forward from my first weopon which was, to say the least, crap .
Before wasting my time creating an instructable, I have uploaded this slideshow to see how the gun goes down, so please be sure to comment and rate, I am happy to recieve any (Constructive) feedback that you may have. 
The handle is by Zak and the trigger is by DJ radio

Not too difficult to reload
Removable mags

Doesn't have a sight
Trigger sometimes breaks, (you may need to add tape.)

ps. you may notice that this is version 2, that's because V1 was pretty rubbish.