Introduction: The Burrito Master's Morretti Sniper (Modded)

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I built the Morretti sniper rifle and (as awsome as it is) it had a few drawbacks. So I set to work and over time I have created an upgraded version of the sniper for you to build.


2,3,4. probably the best and most required mod, I have moved the trigger system inside the weapon so that now, it doesn't have those unsitley wheels on the side.

5,6. I have changed the stock so that it is a little more comfortable and (i think) looks better. Aswell as adding a little compartment for spare elastic bands.

7. I have added a much simpler device for the loading system that does not block the scope's sight.

8,9,10.I have added a much better looking scope then my last one, (credit goes to James_Lawrence)

11. I have added a blue rod to the ram so that it can be cocked, instead of the string that was pretty crap.

12. have added some orange connectors to the handle to make it more comfortable.

13. I added a carry handle, simply because it looks good (btw, don't try to use it because it will break off)

14. I have added a snoflake peice at the end of the ram that holds it in place so that I can add more elastic bands without it breaking.

I have also added lots of blue rods with spacers to make it more sturdy plus some other additions to increase its sturdyness.
(I haven't added a picture on that)