Introduction: Knex Crossbow.

This is my knex crossbow it shoots like 15-25 feet (depends on how many rubber bands)

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 2 Long Black, 6 Red, 10 Yellow, 6 Blue, 10 White, 23 Small Green.

Connectors: 6 Orange, 24 Red, 12 Yellow, 4 White, 2 Green, 28 Gray, 8 Sliver or purple, 2 Light tan or Dark Gray, 4 Green or Black (the ones that go with the blue ones) 2 Black

Other: At least 2 Rubber bands (for minimal preformed performance) 4 Small Blue circles.

Step 2: Make the Base.

Make have of the base for the crossbow (this is really easy)
Pic#1 The first half of the base.

Pic#2 The Second Half of the base.

Put the 2 half's together.

Pic#3 How it should look so far.

Step 3: Make the Handle.

Pic#1 The base of the handle.

Pic#2 Showing what size of rod you need.

Pic#3 Add Yellow Rods.

Step 4: Make the Shooting Devise.

Pic#1 Build This

Pic#2 Black piece.

Pic#3 Black piece.

Step 5: Add the Rubber Bands.

This is where you put the rubber bands.

Step 6: Put the Two Together.

This is the last step of the crossbow.