Introduction: K'nex DSR-1 Instructions

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Hello there.
Yesterday I posted a slideshow for my K'nex DSR-1 replica. 
So here are the instructions for it.
For more information about the replica itself, visit the slideshow

Step 1: Piece Warning

Before you start making this gun, please read the following things:

* It uses a lot of Y-connectors. I counted 65 of them in the gun
* In these instructions, you'll notice a couple of broken connectors. Do not break any of yours, I used already broken ones, because I ran out of unbroken connectors. The two orange connectors in the very back stock can be replaced by grey connectors.
* To make this gun with one magazine, you'll nead at least 3 broken with rods, 3 connectors wide. The broken rod in the bottom of the handle can be a normal one.
* You need at least 2 hinges. The one in the handle, and trigger guard, can be ball joints.
* It uses quite a lot of pieces (at least for me)

If you've read these warnings, and have enough pieces, you can start the gun.
Put on some of your favorite music, gather your K'nex, and have fun building it.

Step 2: Step 1: the Stock

Pretty easy step, just follow the pictures
1: The finished stock
2: Build this. The gap on the right is supposed to be there, here falls the bolt handle in when it isn't pulled
3: Almost the same, only it has blue rods, and the front is slightly different.
4: The front internals
5: Add them
6: The internals for the rear part of the stock
7: Layer one
8: Layer two
9: Layer three
10: The parts for the top part of the stock
11: Add the middle layer and bolt handle
12: Close up for the rear-most part
13: Same for the front of it
14: Add the outer plate to it
15: Attach it in the holes of the top connector row
16: Add outer plate

Step 3: Step 2: the Receiver

Not too hard, just follow the pictures
1: Finished receiver
2: Front of the scope
3: Middle part of the scope
4: Back part of the scope
5: Top view of the middle part
6: Receiver without the scope
7: Build these
8: Internals for the front. Don't break the orange connector
9: Add layer one of the internals
10: Add layer two
11: Add layer three
12: The handle parts. The broken rod in the red connector can be a normal one. The hinges can be replaced by balljoints
13: Add the internal handle parts
14: Add outer handle plate and black wheels
15: Make the trigger parts
16: And connect them
17: Add handle and trigger to the receiver plate
18: Make these for the top part of the receiver
19: Add the middle layer
20: Add the outer part, and these two blue rods with wheels. The blue rods hold the scope on the gun
21: Add to the receiver, again, in the holes of the top connector row
22: Add outer receiver plate.

Step 4: Step 3: the Front Part

This is maybe the trickiest step, still not hard. Just follow the pictures
1: Finished front part
2: Build these
3: Internals 
4: More internals
5: Add internal layer 1
6: Internal layer 2, front part
7: Internal layer 2, back part
8: Add internal layer 3
9: Add the front barrel parts to internal layer 2
10: Make the parts for the top
11: Add the middle part
12: Add outer part, and the fake bipod connector
13: Add the top part to the rest, in the top row of connector holes
14: Add outer plate

Step 5: Step 4: the Magazines

Very easy, just follow the pictures
1: Finished magazines
2: Make these don't break your yellow connector
3: Add middle layer
4: Add outer layer

Step 6: Step 5: Attaching the Different Parts

Almost finished. 
1: What you should have 
2: Take the receiver and front part
3: Connect the bottom rods here
4: Connect the rest
5: Take the receiver / front part and the stock
6: Attach them
7: Take the gun and the scope
8: Attach the scope

Step 7: Step 6: Rubberband Placement

To make the trigger and magazine releases work
1: Get 3 small rubberbands
2: Trigger band placement 1
3: And the other side
4: Front magazine release band. Same on both sides
5: Double the other one up
6: And add it to the rear magazine release

Step 8: Step 7: Finished

You finished the gun. Congratulations!
As always, if you've built it, and put a photo of yours in the comment, I'll add it in this step.