Introduction: K'nex Double Barrel Shotgun

 This Shotgun has 2 Real triggers, which can be shot both at once, or one shot for a target, and save the other shot for something else, in other words it has two shots.
Forgive me for the crappy handle xD but it will do i made some modifications to the handle so it's better, hopefully, 

Amo : Any Rod except for the Long Grey/Black Rod
Specials : It has a Amo Pusher which connects to the bottom of the 2 barrels (last step)
Special Trick : you can load into the 2 barrels green/black tiny rods, then make it into a real Shotgun
Range : Shoots about 12-15 feet, depending on the rubber band strength 

Step 1: Trigger

 Now If you have any questions just let me know got it?

Step 2: Barrel

im sorry i couldnt take this apart... it was wayyyyyy too hard ;| 

Step 3: Handle

Now this part is what i call EASY! *applause* thank you thank yu xD 

Step 4: Adding the Trigger to Handle


Step 5: Connecting and Rubberbands

 any questions? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! i dont want a single unhappy costumer 

Step 6: Handle Comfort and Amo Pusher