Knex FX-9 Pistol V1.2

Introduction: Knex FX-9 Pistol V1.2

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Here it is my new, long awaited, (not really) FX-9 Pistol. I know that it is smaller than my other guns but I had to start somewhere. This is my favorite pistol I have made. It has a good range, Hidden storage, and a safety . Now I now that there is really no use for it but the point of it is to make the gun more realistic. I will be making a version 1.3 later. Be sure to watch the video. It shows the secret storage, safety, and how it shoots.
Here are the facts:
Has a 7 round handle fed mag
Has a hidden storage for a sniper round.
Has a good range
Has safety
It is very comfortable

Does it sound good?? Let's start.

Step 1: Part Count

It's terrible when you are almost done with a gun and don't have enough parts. So I added a piece count.

White 12
Yellow 12
Green 8
Red 7
Light Gray 2
Orange 15 ( one needs to have one tab cut off) if you don't the gun will jam more.

Black / Gray 1
Yellow 1
Blue 9
White 15
Green 55

Gray 13
Blue 4
Tan 10

Odds & Ends:
Ball Joints 5 ( all can be replaced one is on the firing pin and can be a orange connector and the rest can be gray clips. But you will need a rubber band.
Black Hands 16
Rubber bands

Step 2: Ammo Storage

This is going to be the hidden storage.

Pic 1: build 2
Pic 2: build
Pic 3: add white rods
Pic 4: slide over the white rods
Pic 5: add second side
Pic 6: add a black hand to a hinge
Pic 7: add white rod
Pic 8: add hinge

That wasn't that hard
Lets go to the next step

Step 3: Handle

Here is the handle.

Pic 1: build 2 of each
Pic 2: build both. Here is where that cut piece comes it play.
Pic 3: add white rods
Pic 4: add both sides
Pic 5: add the other panels
Pic 6: slant and add black hands
Pic 7: build both
Pic 8: build both
Pic 9: add on each side of the handle
Pic 10: add green connectors

Onto the barrel.

Step 4: Barrel

Okay here are the parts for the barrel

Pic 1: Build both
Pic 2: Build
Pic 3: Build
Pic 4: Build both

Step 5: Check

Okay this is what you should have built.

Step 6: Construct the Barrel

Okay I hope this is not going to be too hard.

Pic 1: build both
Pic 2: add blue rods
Pic 3: add these diffrent parts (don't forget the spacers)
Pic 4: add the second side
Pic 5: add blue rods on the handle
Pic 6: now add the barrel to the handle
Pic 7: now add the third and forth side panels

Great now you are almost done.

Step 7: Put It All Together

We are almost there.

Pic 1: Add the rails
Pic 2: Add the flip top
Pic 3: Build the trigger
Pic 4: add trigger and gray clip.
Pic 5: build both
Pic 6: add ram and rubber bands like so
Pic 7: add tan clips to the blue rods if you want

Step 8: Loading and Firing

Pic 1: Load bullets into the mag like so
Pic 2: add mag pusher and rubber band
Now when you are ready to use slide the orange connector back pull the ram back and pull the trigger.

Credit goes to Trauts for the basic handle design.

Have fun. watch the video. Rate and comment.

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12 years ago on Step 3

Anyway not to use the purple connectors? I have like 15 but this one is for my friend as a present for the holidays. So I would lose them, and only have like 11.


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

what's a purple connector? And btw you just gave me an idea for a christmas present! :) 


Reply 12 years ago on Step 3

to me it would be a bad present. the fun for me is making it, studying it and finding out how to make it better, mod it shoot it a few times, then take it apart and make something else. if you wanted to do something like that, you should give him/her the parts and instructions. just my opinion. btw great gun!


Reply 12 years ago on Step 3

I see... But I didn't really like this. It didn't have much power.


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

Um I ment the blueish purplish connector. It's like a Tan clip without the little nub sticking out the top. Btw I didn't like this gun very much so you might not want to give it as a present. I decided not to because this gun jams so much and I wasted a orange connector since he said to cut it off. This gun is a 3* ish.


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

this gun is 5-ish! And it only jammed once for me! and i loaded it wrong!


12 years ago on Introduction

Wait it has a safety? Also whats the top barrel for?


Reply 6 years ago

the safety is in the red circle. see? or it is in the center of the picture


Reply 6 years ago

The top barrel is for extra ammo pizzapie500


12 years ago on Step 8

Credits to Trauts? TD came up with the angeled handle!


13 years ago on Step 1

how many y-clips?

need answer now cause i got only 4-5 y-clips!

need help!