Introduction: K'nex Ferris Wheel Lift With Instructions

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This is another lift that I will use in my ball machine "Carbon"

Here is a video of it in action!

It is quite simple but I still like it, I hope you do too!

Step 1: Entrance Rail

Follow the pictures, then put it aside.

Step 2: Main Frame Supports

Follow pictures then put aside.

Step 3: Main Frame Supports

Build all six of them.

Step 4: Entrance Support

For the second picture use the supports which you just made.

Step 5: Main Frame Supports

Follow the pictures.

Step 6: Exit

Follow pictures.

Step 7: Top

Build according to the pictures.

Step 8: Motor Box

Build it.

Step 9: Wheel Rails

Build all four of the rails.

Step 10: Wheel Arms

Build them.

Step 11: Wheel Arms

Build these separately.

Step 12: Wheel Arms

Build the arms from one of each type.

Step 13: Wheel Arms

Follow the pictures.

Step 14: Wheel Axle

Build it.

Step 15: Wheel Middle

Build both of these.

Step 16: Wheel Middle

Connect them like this.

Step 17: Wheel Middle

Follow pictures.

Step 18: Complete the Wheel

Follow the instructions.

Step 19: Complete the Wheel

Attach the rails.

Step 20: Main Frame

Build half of the main frame.

Step 21: Main Frame

Build the other half, and put it together.

Step 22: Attach the Wheel

What the title says... You are almost done!

Step 23: Top

Attach the top.

Step 24: Exit

Put on it the exit.

Step 25: Motor Box

Attach the motor.

Step 26: Frame Supports

Follow the pictures.

Step 27: Frame Supports

Do almost the same thing on the other side.

Step 28: Subscribe. Comment. Like.

YAY!!! you are done!!

Here is a few more pictures on how the ball should go when turned on.

And as the title says:




That's all for now. Autumsawesome