Introduction: K'nex Ford Cortina 1982 Model.

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Hello, This is my K'nex Ford Cortina 1982 model. I based it on a coupe, and i realised one of my favorite cars. I tried to get a realistic shape for the car, and make it look as genuine as possible. This proved a problem as certain K'nex parts were the right shape and had to be cut or bent. As a lot of my cars are not in stock form, I tried to design this one to be different, and make it look like it has come out from the auto-store. The front bumper had to be slightly changed to add the steering And let the front wheels have enough clearance when turning. The rear of the car was made from the original front bumper, because it was not for the right scale to fit and had to be replaced with a new version. There is not a spoiler on the car because it would affect the opening trunk. There is very little space for items but there is space for a spare wheel, but this is optional.

This K'nex car took 10 hours approximately and around 1300 parts to build the car and 8 K'nex wheels. There is no motor in the car but there is potential to use one for the back wheels. The Solid structure throughout the car makes the car sturdy and strong when moving. There is a roll cage in the 'cabin' of the car and one at the back near the spare tyre. I started the car buy building the chassis and i made the structure around the bodywork to mount onto it. I started making additional parts like the engine,bumpers,hood, and trunk so i could build the bodywork around this, making the car a lot better.

Features of the car that are good: 
  1. It has a good realistic shape and look.
  2. The car has working steering.
  3. There are opening parts,(Hood and trunk).
  4. The whole car is made out of K'nex parts.
  5. My car can be transported easier because it has a strong roof structure. 
Things that make the car bad:

1:    It is quite low to the ground and can occasionally scrape the floor.
2:   One section of the car is not filled with detail.
3:  Honestly i don't think there is anything else! 

Thank you for viewing my instructable!! 
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