Introduction: Knex Grenade Launcher

This is awesome I really think you'll like it. Grenade design credit to spartanskunk.

Step 1: The Body

Pic 1: make 27 of these.
Pic 2: attach like so to gray rod.
Pic 3: add other gray rods, blue rings and end caps.
Not so hard, right?

Step 2: The Trigger

Make this and attach it according to the pictures.

Step 3: Rubber Band Placement

Pic 1: launcher rubber band on top,
Pic 2: trigger rubber band on bottom!

Step 4: Grenade

Pic 1: make this.
Pic 2: add these.
Your done!

Step 5: Shooting

Pull pin out of Grenade as shown in pic 1, pull back rubber band into the middle of the two orange prongs on trigger, place Grenade in launcher and pull trigger!