Introduction: K'nex - 2010 KAP-40 Review

Hey guys and welcome to another of one my reviews. Today we are looking at the KAP-40 from Call Of Duty: Black Ops II its a prototype weapon called the Kriss Kard made by Kriss USA and there isn't much to say about it as it is not in production or being used in any services.

Parts List

Green Rods - 149

White Rods - 40

Blue Rods - 9

Green Connectors - 4

White Connectors - 21

Blue Connectors - 6

Yellow Connectors - 47

Red Connectors - 14

Light Grey Connectors - 8

Dark Grey Connectors - 18

Orange Connectors - 22

Tan Connectors - 19

Tan Connectors (with the little tab cut off) - 7

Y Shape Black Connector - 24

1.9cm cut Rods - 7

3.2cm cut Rods - 5

Black Hinge Half - 4

Blue Hinge Half - 4

Blue Spacers - 2

Push On Grey Gear - 2

Rubber Bands - 3

Total - 415

Anyway lets talk about the KAP-40 its not my own creation since I did follow the instructions from The Red Book Of Westmarch and I have followed each picture to create this worthy model of a K'nex KAP-40 which has not had a single change made to it all.

Good Points

· Magazine Is Removable

· Very Realistic

· Good Iron Sights

Bad Points

· Uses A Few Cut Pieces

· Doesn't Shoot Because Its Just A Model

· Handgrip Is Slightly Uncomfortable

Overall I really like it as it is very light and very well detailed but the only downside is the handgrip but then again it isn't an easy gun to make so good work The Red Book Of Westmarch.

In Call Of Duty: Zombies, the KAP-40 appears in every single map for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II except for Mob Of The Dead where it is only available from the Mystery Box for 950 points. Its an ok weapon up to round 8 but its small magazine and low ammo count is a downside. When it is Pack-A-Punched for 5000 points it becomes the "Karmic Atom Perforator 4000" where you get more ammo, a slightly bigger magazine and more damage but despite all of this the ammo count is still very low so I would definitely trade it in for something better from the Mystery Box or just grab yourself a wall weapon.

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