Introduction: Knex L96A1

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Here is the long awaited L96A1 Sniper Rifle! i promised that i would haev it made, and here it is!
note: i didn't make this only for similarties in looks, but mainly for knex wars, and long range sniping

Stats of my sniper:
range: 120-130 feet!
accuracy: 60-65 feet! (i was able to snipe a water bottle at that distance)
Pieces: umm, i think over 1300 pieces must have gone into this
looks: it was based off of the L96A1 sniper rifle, but some parts i didn't make to fully resemble it due to lack of pieces or design problems
size: about 3.5 feet long, and about 10-11 inches tall

Stats of the real sniper:

Designed to achieve first-round hit at 600 meters and "harassing fire" out to 1,100 total meters, the Accuracy International L96 sniper rifle has been upgraded with a new x3-x12 x50 sight and spotting scope. Select units also field the L115A1 Long range Rifle (LRR), which fires an 8.59mm bullet, heavier than the 7.62mm round of the L96 and less likely to be deflected over extremely long ranges. The L96A1's free-floating barrel is constructed of stainless steel and can be changed in 5 minutes. The system itself is designed to allow the single user the ability to carry out all but the most major repairs by himself in the field with the necessary tools being three Allen wrenches and a screwdriver.

The L96A1 is chambered to fire the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge from a 10-round detachable box magazine. An adjustable bipod is fitted forward under the barrel. The weapon features a muzzle velocity of 2,790 feet per second. The L96A1 can also be issued with a variety of scope mounts, collapsible stock and silencer and is available on the commercial market. A military .50 caliber (12.7mm) model is also available.

The L96 is part of the larger Accuracy International "Arctic Warfare" line of rifles for use by military, special forces and law enforcement branches. The L96A1 is the British Army designation of the Accuracy International PM ("Precision Marksman") model entered into competition to become the standard British sniper rifle.

The L96A1 is an Accuracy International-produced sniper rifle and currently the sniper rifle of choice for the British Army. The L96 features an adjustable butt, integrated adjustable bipod and static iron sights (though a 6x42 Schmidt & Bender scope was issued standard in original production models). The L96 originally competed successfully against the Parker-Hale Model 85 rifle in the mid-1980's to become the standard British Army sniper rifle, replacing the aged Lee-Enfield L42A1 series. The engineering process incorporated light alloys, plastic and metal into the design. This melding allowed for greater field abuse (the weapon could take a good deal of external punishment but still keep the internal components in good working order).

The first pic is my sniper rifle, sorry it looks so messy, but if you build it, its really not that bad.

Credit goes to:

Barrax- constructive critism
lioneatr- constructive critism
Tigernod- constructive critism
Geodez- constructive critism
Oblivitus- constructive critism
Chopstx- constructive critism
DjRadio - constructive critism
Killer~safecracker - created the design for the mag

All of these people helped me by critiquing my work in some way...

Special note!
the real sniper comes in several design schemes, and you can amke mine in the Arctic wolf scheme!!! all you need to do is replace the all the blue connectors with white connectors, replace the yellow connectors with the grey version, replace the orange connectors with black ones, and replace the green rods with the black ones. replace the green connectors with the mettalic version, and the red connectors with black ones. this will bring you to the Arctic Wolf scheme for my sniper!!!

Anyone who can make my sniper in the Arctic Wolf scheme, and post a picture of it, can have anything i can give them on this site! including 5 ups on every single ible of theirs, forums, and anything else. a subscription, and selecting several of their ibles as my favorites!

CONGRADULATIONS!!! bruce911 is officially the winner of my knex challenge to build my sniper in mettalics!!! Remeber everyone!!! this challenge will continue, but anyone who can build my sniper in the arctic wolf version will get part of the prize, meaning a subscription, but bruce911 is the grand prize winner. way to go bruce911!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: if you want the best results out of my sniper, meaning more range, more accuracy, and the whole lot, then i suggest you replace ALL of the grey long rods, to the black ones of equal length. this way the barrel will be absolutely straight, eliminating as much friction as i think possible.

Step 1: Piece Count

thanks to superboe, my sniper now has a piece count

28x blue moon con
1x red con
2x green con
84x orange con
6x white stick
104x green stick
28x blue stick

47x white con
2x brown con
6x y con
3x gray con
5x grey stick
1x blue stick
32x blue spacer

11x white con
14x red con
1x orange con
2x grey con
35x yellow con
16x blue stick
31x white stick
60x green con

6x orange con
1x y con
2x grey con
5x green stick
2x white stick

86x yellow con
22x white con
4x blue moon con
17x red con
5x green con
3x orange con
6x grey con
179x green stick
46x white stick
10x blue stick


6x yellow con
6x blue moon con
2x orange con
6x grey con
8x y con
14x white stick
16x green stick
10x spacer

1x black stick
1x orange con


9x white con
4x yellow con
7x red con
17x grey con
3x yellow stick
3x red stick
4x grey stick


Step 2: Fake Barrel

This step will show you how to make the fake barrel.
Note: if you want to make the arctic wolf version of my sniper rifle, then you should replace all the blue's with white's, and the green rods should be black, and the orange connectors should be black as well.

Pic 1: the pieces required to build the fake barrel

Pic 2: how to build the walls of the barrel

Pic 3: attach the blue connectors (if you are making arctic wolf version, then replace these with white connectors)

Pic 4: a wall is formed

Pic 5: how to attach them to each other

Pic 6: the full barrel, it consists of 14 wall pieces

Pic 7: build these

Pic 8: attach the first as shown, if making the arctic wolf version, replace the yellow connectors with a grey one, and the green connectors with the mettalic ones.

Pic 9: attach the other piece as shown, and if you are making the arctic wolf version, then replace the green connectors with the mettalic ones, and the red connectors with black ones

This step is mainly for looks! as far as i know, it does not increase the accuracy becasue the bullet never makes any contact with the fake barrel as far as i know, just shows how powerful this sniper is!

Step 3: Actual Barrel

This step is for the actual barrel, i made a very simple barrel design, and if made correctly, can increase the range and accuracy of the shot way past what i got! this step will show you how to make the grey rod, but for increased accuracy and range, replace the grey rods with black rods.

note: this step needs to be followed EXACTLY or else the barrel would not be able to fit on top of the body, and the trigger system wont work!

Pic 1: what you will be making

Pic 2: the beggining part of the barrel, includes the place where the trigger will go through

Pic 3: the middle part of the barrel, includes the the part where the bullet will go

Pic 4: the end of the barrel, includes part of the mag, and stabalizes the fake barrel

Pic 5: top view of the chamber for the bullet, those three grey connectors are modded pieces, and need their tops cut off to form a casing for the bullet

Pic 6: this shows that for the grey/black rod on the top of the barrel, it needs to go about halfway between that white connector

Pic 7: shows the blue rod taht will help stabalize the fake barrel, located on the top of the real barrel, and the four blue spacers on each side

Pic 8: shows where the trigger will go through. for the next few pics, pay close attention to the position of the y-connectors, it is very vital.

Pic 9: pay attention to these, the one on the left is the same on on the right as the previous picture

Pic 10: all three on the beggining portion of the barrel, pay attention to the spacings, they can be adjusted later, but im trying to save you the trouble

Pic 11: just pay attention to this part

Pic 12: other end of the barrel, this y-connectors is haflway between the first and the second white connectors

Pic 13: same with the one on the left, halfway between the connectors, pay attention to the spacings

Pic 14: the one on the right is the same on as the one on the left in the previous picture

Good job! you are finished with the barrel! if you still have any questions regarding the positionings or anything else you would like me to clarfiy for you, frop me a comment!

Step 4: Body

This step is going to show you how to make the body of the gun. the body features the mag well, connection point for a bipod if you want one, and connection points for the butt of the gun

Pic 1: this is what you will be making, sorry if the pics are a little hard to understand, but i didn't have time or pieces to break apart the body or make another model of it, so just do the best you can :)

Pic 2: the connection point for the bipod if you want to build one for yourself, and it shows the top level of the connectors

Pic 3: further view of the top level of connectors, and shows you the position of the blue rods

Pic 4: those yellow connectors will attach to the barrel as well as the blue rods

Pic 5: firther down the body, this is the trigger system and the safety, also, thsoe green rods sticking out the back are where the butt of the gun will attach

Pic 6: another look at what you should be making

Pic 7 - 10: these next few pics will show you how the bottom of the body should look like

i really hope you didn't have to much trouble with this step, sorry for the vague pictures, but i was unable to break this apart, but it should be easy enough to make from the pics i provided, if you are having trouble with the pics, please drop me a comment and i will supply you with more pics if possible. thanks! :)

Step 5: Trigger System

this step is very simple to follow, but the only thing that you will need for this other than knex, is tape. the tape stabalizes the trigger, because unless you put tape on it, the force of the ram pushing on the connectors will be to much for the trigger to handle, and it wont work, so just tape it
in the locations that i did, and i will work! :)

Pic 1: the trigger, this is what you will make, all connectors will be connected with green or black rods on the inside, but taped on the outside

Pic 2: closer look, the white rod at the bottom needs to have its ends cut off, and the black thing is a y-connector

Pic 3: the top of the safety is a green rod

Pic 4: shows the where the trigger will go

Pic 5: shows how to position the trigger

Pic 6: this is where the rubberbands will be attached so that the trigger can snap into place

Again, if you feel like you need more pics, then drop me a comment, it is unlikely that you will need help with more pics on this step, but if need be, i will give you more pics to use

Step 6: Butt of the Gun

I believe that this is the hardest part of the gun to build because it is one of the more complex parts. better to say that it is one of the more relatively harder parts of the gun to build, so if you have any questions, you know the drill! drop me a comment and i will try to talk you through how to build it and supply you with more pics! :)

Pic 1: this is what you will be making. this is the butt of the gun, it features a cheek rest, a comfortable thumb hole, and a very sturdy and strong design.

Pic 2: first make this using the next couple of pictures, this object is the thumb hole and i designed it to be for comfort so your thumb fits in it perfectly!

Pic 3: another view of the thumb hole thingy

Pic 4: another view of the thumg hole thingy

Pic 5: make this plate

Pic 6: this is the opposite side plate, on it are the structural parts of the butt

Pic 7: another view of the second plate, make this exactly!

Pic 8-12: closer view of all the connection points for the structural parts

Pic 13: make three of these

Pic 14: also make three of these

Pic 15: position these pieces in the designated places so that they can form the outside of the butt

Pic 16: also position this piece and the other two in the same place, pay attention to where the green rods connect

Pic 17: make the pieces for the cheek rest

Pic 18: slide those three pieces into this blue rod

Pic 19: these are the two plates you should have done

Pic 20: place the plates on top of eachother

Pic 21: note where they have to be connected

Pic 22: just to show that the pieces are not connected yet, but where they need to be

Pic 23: connect all the parts and you have to butt of the gun!

I believe that mose people may have trouble with this step, so if you are having trouble, which i expect most would, drop me a comment and i will supply you with more pics or i will try to clarify the instructions more

Step 7: Connect the Parts

This step is just to connect the parts that you made in the previous steps

Pic 1: the barrel to the body

Pic 2-4: better view of the connection points

Pic 5: shows where the trigger is

Pic 6: make sure the y-connector is positioned as shown, or else the safety wont work

Pic 7: connect the fake barrel to the real barrel and body\

Pic 8: close up on the connection points

Pic 9: connected

Pic 10: connect the butt of the gun to the body

Pic 11: close up on the connection points

Pic 12: connected

Step 8: Magazine

The credit for this design goes entirely to Killer~safecracker, so thank him for this!

this step will show you how to make the magazine that i used for the sniper, it can hold up to 14 bullets (reccomended if taken into a war) but it works a little better with accuracy and ranage with 5 bullets in it!

you should be able to make it off of those three pics i should, and remember, if you have enough white connectors, then make it with them!

the next pics will show you where the mag needs to go and how it look with the mag pusher, and 5 bullets in it.

i used a latex-free rubberband; the same type i used for the ram.

Step 9: The Ram

this step will show you how to make the ram for the gun
it is really easy to build, but i will show you how it was made anyways

The last pic shows where the ram goes in the gun

make sure you tape the ram, and absolutley make sure that the ram is a black rod!

wrap a rubberband over the top of the ram again to strengthen it.

Step 10: Other Features

in this step, i will show you the other features of my gun, including a very comfortable thumb hole, and a working safety mechanism

this thumb hole was designed to fit the shape of your thum very comfortably, so when you are sniping, you are in a more comforting situation

the safety works like this: if the safety is pushed up, then the trigger cannot be pulled, and when the safety is pushed down, only then can the trigger be pulled

i understand that the hole should be larger, but i designed this sniper to be used in wars, not just for the general looks, meaning i only made the hole as big as it needs to be to work. note that it is very comfortable and it cusions your thumb a lot

the safety is one of my favorite parts of the trigger because it works! it isn't like the real safety, but i couldn't get the entire sniper to resemble the actual one, so this is pretty good! :P
to work the safety, you need to pull the safety thing up, so that it is touching the blue rod, this will disable the trigger. to enable the trigger, set the safety back to the default position, and the trigger will work again!

i like it alot!!!

Step 11: Scope

i made a scope for the gun, and sorry if it looks a little messy, but i had to make this gun more for use than looks

i think that the scope can be easily made from the many pics that i took of it, so i think that there shouldn't be any problems with it, but if you do have trouble building it, then please drop me a comment and i will explain to you how to build it or provide more pictures of the scope.

the only instructions i have for this step are that you should try to build from the pics i have provided

the next pics will show you where to place the scope and how to place it there. unfortunately for me, i ran out of y-connectors, so i was unable to attach the scope

Step 12: You're Done!!!

Congradulations!!! you have just finished building knexsniper1's knex L96A1!!!

be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe!

and remember! you can use anything in this, but give me credit!

this gun is ideal for knex wars, because it has incredible accuracy, and range! if you really want to hurt the person you hit, use this sniper because just to show you how much power this sniper has, i shot a box from a distance of 15 feet with a yellow rod, not sharpened, and it was able to go through both sides of the box! that would really hurt if you shot someone with it! :P

happy sniping!