Introduction: Knex M-16 A1 Carbine (true Trigger)

Hello every one, this is my M-16 A1 carbine knex assault rifle. Please bear with me, this is my first Instructable and I will try to be thorough. I ran out of the cool metalic pieces so I will make the Instructable with the classic colors, now lets talk about the gun. I was very impressed with the cocking time of this gun, it is remarkably smooth, fast, and reliable. The gun is rather comfortable and is quite duable. The magazine has a capacity of 6 rounds and 7 rounds max but they fall out that way. It rarily jams and (again I say) is quite reliable, it isn't the best gun but is cool and has a range of 40 feet and is decent power. The sight is easy to use and over all very accuate. It also includes a fake todaly useless grenade launcher. It shoots the red (metalic green) rods and has a true trigger!!! Please paste any comments or questions. Check out my user picture, scary, isn't he.


no modified pieces
40 foot range
cool looking
has accesory mounts
quite realistic
fake removable mag
good sights
true trigger


weak stock
bullets fall out when held upside down

Step 1: Butt

Now we will make the Butt of the gun

1. Make this twice
2. Add pieces to one of the sides
3. put these on
4. Assemble

Step 2: Body

The body of the gun.

1. Make this twice
2. Add details
3. Different view
4. Add more details

Step 3: Barrel

The fake barrel

1. Build these
2. Add blue rods to one of them
3. Build these
4. Build these
5. Slip these on to the base
6. Bottom view
7. Top view

Step 4: Removable Mag

I will now show you how to make a cool fake magazine

1. Build two of these
2. Add these
3. Assemble (sorry I accidentally deleted a picture so I will leave some notes down there

Step 5: The Inner Workings

1. Build these
2. Build these as well
3. Build these- OH YOU GET THE POINT!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Fireing Mechanism

Now we will create the cocking mechanism

1. build this
2. build this as well
3. assemble
4. Ram rod

Step 7: Assembly

Assembly time

1. Slide this on to base
2. Attach handle to base
3. Put these on from earlier
4. Another view
5. Add half of the magazine
6. Slide on trigger with two spacers beneath it
7. Twist end of trigger side ways
8. Add the sight
9. Attach the other half of the magazine
10. Put on the two orange pieces as earlier with the Y-Clips
11. Slide on two grey spacers to each of the blue rods as shown
12. Another view of the gun
13. Same picture dang, but use it to see where to put the fireing mech
14. Add support for stock with two blue spacers under it
15. Add bands to any rod with spacers (make sure there is minimal tension)
16. Build this
17. Attach it
18. Another view
19. Add these on there
20. Also add these (make sure there is a Y-Clip beneath it)
21. Put the other half of the gun on
22. Put grey rods between them
23. Be sure to put these to tan pieces in the end of barrel shown
24. Attach the barrel
25. Here's what it looks like
26. Ignor this picture
27. lgnor this picture as well
28. Put a white piece into the barrel
29. Build this
30. Insert mag
31. Fasen it to barrel
32. Add these
33. Slide on cocking mechanism
34. Slide in ram
35 & 36. put on rubber bands were ever you want (My other gun is LOADED with rubber bands)
37. Put on the butt and your done (put bullets in from top (holds 6) cock and shoot)

Step 8: Should L Post This Gun?

Here is my FN-P90 It has a sucky range(25 ft) but the mag is like the real one and has a 9 rd cap.