Introduction: K'nex Micro Ball Launcher Lift

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Many people have seen Shadowman39's Ball launcher lift from his update of Cataclysm. In the comment section of that forum topic he said he would make an Instructable of that lift when he finished Cataclysm. I have the booster from the Rippin' Rocket set but I didn't feel like taking them apart unless I knew what I was doing. One day I was fiddling with the booster from the Lava Launch set and a friend of mine pushed the ball through the launcher and hit my cupboard pretty darn hard. I decided I would do some adjustments and make my own Ball Launcher lift. After two days of building this is what I got. Remember This is not my own idea but a different version of Shadowman39's Ball Launcher. Here's a video:

Here's the piece count:

green: 82
white: 46
blue: 50
yellow: 6
red: 86
grey: 48

dark grey: 6
light grey: 16
orange: 27
red: 16
green: 14
yellow: 27
gold tab: 34
white: 10
purple 3D: 69
blue 3D: 33

black y connector: 10
blue spacers: 2
grey spacers: 3

red/pink transition rods: 4
purple/green transition rods: 4

micro blue spacers: 4
micro white spacers: 2

Micro rods:
grey: 4
blue: 4

Micro connectors:
yellow: 4
blue 3D: 8

Lava Launch Booster: 1

2 "104 cm" pieces of tubing

Total: 622

Once you have gathered the pieces proceed to the building!

Step 1: Launching Base

This section holds the part of the track where the ball will go through the booster. Just follow the pictures and keep your model in the same position as the picture to make it easier to build.  

Step 2: Motor Support

This is the only step that includes micro K'nex. Make the simple support and attach it to the Launching Base.

Step 3: The Booster

Before you attach the booster you have two important things to do. First of all you have to cut that little orange piece of plastic off. It'll be easier if you unscrew the track, cut it off, and screw it back in. This does not change the coaster car's performance. It actually let's cars from other micro sets run through the booster without the chain dog hitting that piece of plastic. The second thing you have to do is file the sides of the booster so that the ball can fit through. Use a filer or sandpaper. Some of the pictures below show how it should look like when it's done. After that just attach the motor to the rest of the model as shown below.

Step 4: Support Tower Part 1

This is the second tower that supports the other side of the exit track which will be built later on.

Step 5: Support Tower Part 2

This is the second side of the support tower. Pay attention to the direction of the the 3D connectors. Follow the easy pictures and then you'll be done with the support tower.

Step 6: Entrance Track

The entrance track isn't hard at all. Just pay close attention to how it's attached to the model.

Step 7: Main Tower Part 1

The Main tower holds the track that the ball will be launched up. make sure you attach the gold tab connectors to the correct section of the tower.

Step 8: Main Tower Part 2

The top of the main tower holds most of the track. After this you just have to make the top of the model.

Step 9: Exit Track

This is the support of the exit track and the exit track itself. Follow the pictures carefully.

Step 10: Attaching the Tubing

You'll need 2 pieces of tubing and they need to be at least 104cm long. Make sure that the ball runs on it smoothly.

Step 11: Exit Wall

The exit wall will stop the ball from going any further than it's supposed to. It also joins the two towers together. If you ever make any modifications to the model so that it fits your ball machine don't take the exit wall out. Just modify it to fit your project.

Step 12: Your Done!

Congratulations! You've finished the Micro ball Launcher. There are occasions when the ball doesn't go up the whole way. Here are some tips to prevent that:

-Make sure the batteries in the booster aren't flat.
-Make sure the booster is lined up with the track. If it isn't lined up then push the booster into the right position.
-Make sure the tubing is placed on the gold tab connectors correctly. If the ball hits the tabs then it isn't placed correctly.

If you follow those tips then you should have a working Micro ball Launcher. Enjoy and thanks for building.