Introduction: K'nex Mini Basketball Arcade Game (Instructions)

About: I've been making stuff with K'nex since I was really young. If you have anything you'd like me to make, let me know and I'll try to make it and then make instructions!

Here are the instructions for the K'nex Basketball game!

Pieces Count:

Green: 12
White: 231
Blue: 433
Yellow: 118
Red: 21
Grey: 5

Grey (Single): 16
Orange: 11
Red: 6
Green: 4
Silver: 406
Yellow: 74
Blue: 102
White: 29

Spacer (Blue): 6
Spacer (Silver): 12
Blue Snap: 2


Step 1: Making the Frame

This will guide you through making the main frame of the game.

Step 2: Making the Net

Follow these pictures to make a very essential part of this build.

Step 3: Making the Backboard

This is another main part of the build.

Step 4: Assembly

Let's put it all together.