Introduction: Knex Mini Pistol

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This is my newest knex gun, I hope you like it because I put a good amount of time into it. Don't forget to rate and comment, feedback is always important and it only takes a second. 
:D Thanks! :D

True Trigger
Cool looking
Not many pieces.

5 Shot mag
Let me know if you find more cons.

Step 1: First Layer

Make this.
Add all these gray rods.

Step 2: Second Layer

Make these.
Add them on.
Make this.
Add it on. (sorry its blurry)

Step 3: Trigger

Make this. (nice picture, eh? :P)
Another view. (not a nice picture, eh? :P)
Add it on.

Step 4: Last Layer

Fill it in.

Step 5: Magpush, Ramrod, and Banding, OMFG!

Make this.
Make this. Rubber bands help ALOT.
Ok banding is not hard. Here's my challenge, you try to band it yourself for once you freeloaders! Goodluck >:P

Step 6: DONE!

Your finally done, wasn't too hard, right?