Introduction: K'nex - Peacekeeper Instructions

Hey guys and today I bring you instructions for the Peacekeeper seen in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer providing you have download the Revolution DLC map pack. It is a fully automatic weapon and it is essentially a hybrid between a SMG an assault rifle and by the way this gun sort of does reminds me of the AAC Honey Badger PDW.

But before we go any further, I would like to thank and give a lot of credit to member Dr. Richtofen as I did follow the pictures that posted of his own Peacekeeper to make this one. When I did finish it, I did make a few changes to it and of course I have made instructions for it so you can have your very own. The Peacekeeper took me 7 hours and 30 minutes to build it and this does include making minor tweaks and adjustments to it.

Good Points

· Comfortable Hand Grip

· Stock Is Detachable

· Good Iron Sights

. The Only Peacekeeper Instructions

· Very Realistic

Bad Points

· Doesn't Shoot Because It's Just A Model

· No Removable Magazine

· Uses Quite A Few Cut Pieces (see Parts List)

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Step 1: Parts List

If you have any trouble or need more pictures just leave a comment and I will get back you ASAP. I strongly advised you to collect all the pieces before you start building. Also I have added a few notes throughout this instructable to make it more easier to understand something if you run into any difficulty.

Green Rods - 318

White Rods - 119

Blue Rods - 20

Green Connectors - 11

White Connectors - 23

Yellow Connectors - 146

Red Connectors - 62

Light Grey Connectors - 7

Dark Grey Connectors - 42

Orange Connectors - 23

Tan Connectors - 5

Tan Connectors (with the little tab cut off) - 3

Y Shape Black Connectors - 13

Yellow Connector (cut, see step 4) - 2

1.9cm cut Rods - 9

3.1cm cut Rods - 8 (These can be replaced with blue rod and grey connector)

Hinge Black Half - 7

Hinge Blue Half - 7

Black Wheel 25mm Open Centre - 6

Blue Spacers - 7

Push On Grey Gear - 1

Rubber Bands - 1

Total - 840

Step 2: Stock

Step 3: Handle, Magazine & Magazine Well

Step 4: Barrel & Foregrip

Step 5: Done

Well done you made it to the end, I do hope you have enjoyed building it.

Thanks for building it, please leave a comment in the box below and subscribe