Introduction: Knex Random Bullpup Model (Slightly Modded)

About: Hey everyone, I am back from the "dead" and I got some things I have been working on, see you soon

Hey everyone and welcome back,

this time it is not my design yo can build, but a design from a very well known instructables member: TheDunkis.

I asked him if I had permission (oooh, fancy word) to upload an instruction of his bullpup rifle. It was a community page, so there is no ible of it. That is why I asked him.

I want to keep this short, so lets get started

remember, this is a model and it DOES NOT shoot anything

If you want to mod it to shoot, go ahead.

Step 1: The Frame

Just look at the notes on the pictures if there are any

Step 2: Barrel

they are all in proper order, so just follow them

Step 3: Reciever and Magwell

Just follow the pictures

Just ask for help if you need it

The last picture has the second panel attached

Step 4: Charging Handle and Iron Sights

Some random shizzle

Help when asked

Step 5: Magazine

the mag is literally how you look at it, but at the top there is a blue rod to keep it locked in the magwell.

If there is anything unclear, just ask