Introduction: Knex Sf-13

Hello, this is my knex sniper, or precision rifle. It is 1.20 meters tall, or 4 feet. It is very resistant, given the metal reinforcements. Its range is about 70 feet, (20 meters), although it is accurate for up to 30 feet. Its mag isn't removable, but with a medium size it supports 10 blue rod rounds.
It also has a carrying strap. It uses 5 +- cut parts, but they aren't necessary, since they are for comfort reasons, and not functionality. Its only con is the high part count.
It uses 2 long rubber bands, bought on the knex website, 1 small for the trigger, and another one for the mag.
The mags size can be adapted to suit your needs, (small = 4, medium = 10, large = 15-20 +