Introduction: K'nex Slide Action IB Rifle - I'm Back?!

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OK, so I haven't posted on this site in FOREVER! I had a lot of stuff going on recently, and I've been working on this simple gun for a couple weeks, because I don't have much time for K'nex anymore. But anyway, here is my new Rifle! It is magazine fed, and the magazine can be pre-loaded (otherwise what's the point?). It's nothing really new, but I think it's a good gun to return on. It has a slide on top, which is used to charge the pin. The slide is optional (it's ugly too), and the gun works fine without it. Also, the magazine can hold about 6-8 rounds, but I would stick with 5. It's very sturdy, not very costly for pieces, requires only one cut piece, and has decent range (about 25 - 30 ft).

Pros :

Magazine Fed


Easy to use

Slide action

Good Range

Comfortable to hold

Not too big, but not a pistol

Cons :

Ugly (Looks like you dumped out a bunch of K'nex together on the floor and taped them together)

Requires a cut piece

Looks Horrific

Might be a little touchy (a couple stress points NEED to be taped, or it will break your pieces)

Did I mention that it looks like a train wreck?

I'll be making instructions for it in the next couple days, but I'll try to do it faster if people ask for it ;).

Hope you like it! Comment your thoughts!