Introduction: Knex Small Assault Rifle

Alpharex here, with my latest creation!
It is the new Assault Rifle!

Pros: Light, Small
Decent Range
Uses little parts
Large Mag
Mag doesn't jam

Bad Handle
The stock may make pulling the ram rod back difficult. (That's why the Stock is optional.)
Mag Pusher Sticks out of the Gun.


Step 1: Barrel

Simple Step. It's in the pictures.
1. Top View
2. Side view
3. Direct Side View
4. Bottom View

Step 2: Stock (Optional)

1. Omniscient view
2. Side View
3. Bottom View
3. Uh... Other Bottom View?

Step 3: Scope

Very easy to make.
1. Side View
2. Front View

Step 4: Handle

Simple, yet crappy.

Step 5: Trigger

1. Front View
2. Side View
3. Back View
4. Side View
5. Detailed Top view

Step 6: Magazine

1. Side View
2. Side-Top View
3. Top View
4. Bottom View

Step 7: Body

This is the hardest step....
You may want to look at all the steps FIRST.
1. Side view
2. Front View
3. Top View
4. Bottom of the Body
5. The Middle of the Body
6. The Top of the Body
7. The Front Portion of the Body, and a closer look at the modified gray connectors.
8. Side View of the Top Portion.

Step 8: Ram Rod and Mag Pusher

Oh yeah, you need to tape the ram rod. A lot.

Step 9: Putting It Together

1. Add on the Barrel to the Body
2. + 3. Put the Mag on.
4. Trigger goes there.
5. Put the Trigger and Handle on.
6. Attach the Stock. (optional)
7. + 8. Put on the Scope.
9. + 10. Insert the Ram Rod.

Step 10: Elastics

1. Trigger Band.
2. First Ram Rod Band.
3. Second Band.
BTW: You need one more for the Mag Pusher, which will be explained in the next step.

Step 11: Loading/Firing

It fires whites! Yay!
Anyway, you load them in through the mag.
Then push the bullets all the way up.
And attach a band to the Mag Pusher.

To fire, pull back the Ram Rod until the Trigger pops up.
Press the trigger to fire.