Introduction: Knex Wall-Mounted Computer Case

Wow, it's been a while Instructables, my good friend. So here's the story. A few months ago I decided it was time to do a computer upgrade and so I spent around a month saving up for new parts. Once the new parts were in and swapped out, I had so many extra parts that I almost had a second full system ready to go, all I needed was a new psu and storage. I figured why not and proceeded to buy those parts. So I now had a second full system on my hands but without a case. Then an idea came to my mind, instead of spending another 50 bucks on a case, why don't I just build one on my own? I got out the K'nex which had been sitting idle for quite a while now and started tinkering around. Note: Since I was using old/cheap hardware I wasn't concerned with possible static damage. After like two hours of messing around I had successfully come up with a way to mount the motherboard without it being super loose. This wasn't easy and I had multiple revisions as I added to the system to ensure that it was secure. But after probably around 10 hours of work total, we had a completed K'nex computer.

P.S. if this gets enough love I'll create another instructable with more details on each part and how it all goes together in case anybody wanted it.

It's good to be back!