Introduction: K'nex G36C

This is my K'nex G36c. The weapon features a light true trigger and a removable curved magazine (blue rods). I expected the bullets to make it just out of the barrel, but it proved me wrong, firing about 40ft on avg. This is my second instructable.

The only compied part is the magazine, which belongs to TheDunkis.

You should find notes throughout the instructable for the tricky spots.


-Quick reload (removable mag)
-OK range
-Looks good


-Mag pusher often needs a bump to keep to rounds feeding
-If your rubber bands arn't strong enough the bullet will often hit the insides of the weapon and jam, which could be a pro because it tell you when you have enough power.

Step 1: Piece Count

This count should be exact. If any errors are found please PM me, I will check, and then change.


-Grey - 19
-Light Grey - 9
-Red - 19
-Green - 33
-Yellow - 49
-90 degree (yellows missing 1 slot) - 2
-180 degree (snowflake missing a slot) - 14
-White - 16
-Orange - 35


-Green - Aprx ~ 120
-White - 30
-Blue - 23
-Yellow - 9
-Red - 3
-Grey - 2


-Tape - 2 small pieces
-Tan Clip - 12
-Blue Clip - 1
-Hinge - 1
-Ball Socket - 2
-Ball Joint - 1
-Y Connector - 8
-Decapitated Grey/Half Orange - 2-5 (can be replaced with tan clips)

Step 2: Magazine

Fairly easy...

Pic 1 - Mag and Ammo
Pic 2 - Angled view of mag

Step 3: Handle

Fairly easy...

Pic 1 - Side View
Pic 2 - Front View
Pic 3 - Back View
Pic 4 - Other Side

Step 4: Stock

Little harder, still easy...

Pic 1 - Side View
Pic 2 - Close up on the connection point
Pic 3 - Bottom View
Pic 4 - Close up ont the bottom corner
Pic 5 - Back view
Pic 6 - Top View

Step 5: Upper Rail

This is the entire upper rail broken into two parts...

Pic 1 - Side view (first part)
Pic 2 - Top view (first part)
Pic 3 - Close of back (first part)
Pic 4 - Bottom view (first part)

Pic 5 - Angled view (second part)
Pic 6 - Close up (second part)
Pic 7 - Top view (second part)

Pic 8 - First and Second part connected

Step 6: Handgrip and Body

This is the handgrip, and the front part of the body split into two sections...

Pic 1 - Side view (First part)
Pic 2 - Top View (first part)
Pic 3 - Bad view (first part)
Pic 4 - Side view (first part)

Pic 5 - Side view (second part)
Pic 6 - Top view (second part)

Pic 7 First and Second part together

Step 7: Lower Reciever

This is, well, the lower reciever

Pic 1 - Side View
Pic 2 - Bottom View
Pic 3 - Close up on the FAKE selector switch
Pic 4 - Other view of the selector switch

Step 8: Barrel

Easy barrel...

Pic 1 - Side View
Pic 2 - Top/bottom (which ever you want)
Pic 3 - Close up

Step 9: Ram and Trigger

Very Easy...

Trigger is the same as in my MP40...

Pic 1 - Trigger and ram rod
Pic 2 - Trigger

Step 10: Assembly

Follow the pictures for the assembly. Simple affair.

Step 11: Firing Pin

Pic 1 - To put the firing pin inside is easier if you take off the stock and from the back you have this view
Pic 2 - Then insert it
Pic 3 - Take off this to put on the firing pins' rubber band
Pic 4 - It goes around the greys and back around around the pin

Step 12: Magazine, Mag Pusher, and Rubber Bands

Pic 1 - Insertion of the mag
Pic 2 - Locked in place when you hear the good 2 clicks
Pic 3 - Insert blue rods in the bottom
Pic 4 - This is the mag pusher
Pic 5 - Mag pusher in the mag
Pic 6 - Mag pusher with it's rubber band
Pic 7 - This is the Trigger's rubber band. I used a medium sized one and had to double it twice. If you can, get a small one and just double it once. It can go on either side of the rifle, mine's on the right.

Step 13: Firing

After loading in the previous step, to fire simply reach down to the tan clip of the firing pin, and pull back on the tan clip of the firing pin with your index finger untill it clicks into place. After clicking in place the pin is locked. To fire all that's needed is to pull the trigger.