Introduction: Knex Heavy Cannon V5 - Handheld

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Voila! My v5 is posted. It uses less pieces than ever before, and is, as the name suggests, handheld! Its got a handle on top, and one on the back. It shoots a slightly different ammo about 75 feet.

I managed to save a load of pieces by making the rails out of rods, saving yellow connectors and green rods. It does result in more blue rods than I would have liked... But who cares!

Thats pretty well it. I hope you like it!

I have made a few other versions of this gun (all of them bigger!). Check them out!

Step 1: Parts List

The parts list! This is where I list the parts. The parts you will need are on the parts list, which is apart of my Instructable. Thank you for listening!

Green ---- 129
White ----- 61
Blue ------- 105 (Yow!)
Yellow --- 4
Red ------- 28

Dark Grey -- 75 (Ouch!)
Light Grey - 9
Red ----------- 65
Green ------- 37
Yellow ------ 68
White -------- 22
Orange ----- 49
Blue --------- 26 (Thats the one in the picture)
Purple ------ 52

Black Y Connector - 6
Elastics - 16. Use #64's. Please. They work the best.
Elastic - you will need one other one. A #64 works best
Blue Spacers - 70
Silver Spacers- 27
Tan Clip - 4
Medium Wheel - 4
Got those? NO?!? Well then go get them!

Step 2: Handle

This is the handle for the back of the gun. Pretty simple. The connection to the back of the gun is annoyingly large, but there is no good way around it. Oh well.

1: Make these three bits
2: Make these four parts
3: Snap the parts you made first onto a blue rod like so
4: Put the four orange assembleys on the handle
5: Build these panels
6: Make these parts
7: Connect the panels with the oranges like so
8: Put your blue rods on the part you made. Make sure the greys are facing the direction shown
9: Snap in a blue rod on the back
10: Make these little pieces
11: Slide them through like so
12: Attach the other two on the other side
13: Connect the two parts like so
14: Put blue spacers on the blue rods like shown

Yay! That step was boring. It gets better!

Step 3: Barrels

This is where you will make the barrels. The upper and lower on this cannon are identical , so we will do them together. Get to it!

1: A view of the barrel
2: The barrel upside down (or right side up, depending on what you want this one to be!)
3: The end
4: What all the connections look like (except the ends)
5: The other end
6: Long parts. Make them
7: Put them on the barrel
8: Close up of how that attaches
9: Make its twin!

Now that you got the barrels, you need the bow. Next step please!

Step 4: Bow

This is the bow of the gun. Its pretty small in comparison to my other cannons, but it gets the job done.

1: Make this little bit
2: Make this thingy. Thats two blue spacers inbetween the grey caps
3: Put a wheel on, and then that piece
4: Then, make Put a wheel on, and then the same pieces as the other side. Sorry if that description sucked. All I'm saying is that it should now be symmetrical.
5: You can see how its made from here well
6: Put that bit you made first on to make it look like so
7: Make another one (sigh)
8: Make this. It is the lower half of the bow
9: Close up of the rails
10: That part the other way around
11: The rails close up from this side
12: The upper bow. Notice the different connectors in the middle
13: Close up of those rails (same as the other ones)
14: That bit upside down
15: Now slip the wheels over the blue rods on that bow
16: How it should go
17: Another picture of that connection
18: Make these two bars
19: Put them in the whites like so. Make sure they are pointing in the correct direction
20: A close up of that

You are now going to string the bow. It is by far easiest now. Be sure to use the elastics I used (#64's). If not... Be careful. The gun may explode.

21: Take two elastics and overlap them
22: Pull the one through to make a X
23: Pull the other one through to get this
24: And tighten
25: Put another one on the string
26: Pull the string through make another X
27: Pull it through and tighten as the last one you did
28: Add one more to get a string of 4
29: Make three more strings
30: Put two strings through the bow like so (it rhymes!)
31: It should look like this
32: String it through and put it through the other side and attach it there
33: Put the second string through and put it on in the same way
34: Slap the other half on the bow. Make sure everything attaches
35: Readjusts the strings so that they are in like with the wheels

YAY! Thats the longest step out of the way.

Step 5: Odd Bits

Here are just a few small pieces spaced around the gun, not big enough to be their own steps.

1: Make this bar of reds
2: Upside-down
3: From straight on
4: From the top straight on (And moi fingers!)
5: If you want, you can put a yellow through like so
6: Add those rods to the bottom
7: Make these four bars. Easy!
8: make this bit
9: Another angle
10: Another angle
11: Make its twin!

Yay! Yay!

Step 6: Trigger

This is the step for the trigger. It is very similar to micro's, just the knob on top has turned into a trigger beneath.

1: Start by making these three pieces.
2: Make these four as well
3: Make this part of the trigger
4: That part upside down
5: Another close up of that part
6: The trigger. Make it.
7: That part upside down
8: Another view of the trigger
9: Make this little piece
10: Now you have to make this part. The next 5 pictures are all of this block. Make sure to get all of the spacers in the right spot.
11: ---
12: ---
13: ---
14: ---
15: ---
16: Attach that cage thing to the block you just made
17: Put on those four bits you made at the beginning on the top and bottom
18: Attach those two bits you made a while back like this
19: That connection upside down
20: Put it through the bottom of the trigger like so
21: Slip that part you made first through the top
22: Put those other two bits you made first on
23: A tad closer

Yes! That was also boring.

Step 7: Assembley

Time to put this thing together!

1: Get all the bits you have made. Please.
2: Attach the barrels to the trigger
3: A bit closer up
4: Put the handle on the back of the gun (sorry about the blur).
5: From the very back
6: Close up of the side
7: Close up of the top
8: Get your bow. Disconnect the ble rod on the grey clips
9: Put it through the hole in the bow covers
10: Snap it together like so
11: Put the rest of the siding in like so
12: Do that on both sides
13: Attach the bow to the barrels and trigger
14: Close up of that connection
15: Put the handle on top
16: How that connects
17: Now, remember those four pieces you made in the oddbits step? This is where they go. Snap them in here. It is hard to explain
18: You can see those bits better from here
19: The other end of those bars where they snap in (I removed a piece or two so you can see)
20: But them on the top and bottom.
21: Put that one other elastic on the trigger. It should not pull hard, just enough to pull the trigger back into place ehrn pulled.
22: You've got a cannon!

Step 8: Loading and Firing

WooHoo! This is the fun part. Firing is the fun part to be exact.

1: Make these two bits
2: Another view of that one
3: Put them together like so
4: Your fuzzy Cannon. Pull the bottom two strings of elastics back and latch them on the back.
5: What that looks like
6: Pull the upper two back and hook them on the top
7: Same as the other ones
8: Slide that ammo down the barrel. Pull the trigger, so that the rod moves out of the way
9: Push the red connector into the vacated spot, and let go of the trigger. If all goes well, the rod will go through the hole in the red. Be sure it does before proceeding.
10: Take the elastics off of the back and put them on the ammo like so
11: Loaded Cannon!

Booyah! Now all you do is fire. You do that by pulling the trigger...

Step 9: Finished!

YES! You are done! Yay!

I just wish to say thank you for visiting my Instructable, and thanks to all those who built it!