Introduction: Knex M1 Carbine

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This is a M1 Carbine and I hope you guys enjoy this

Range: 40 ft or so
Looks: I'd say it looks a lot like the real thing
True Trigger

Well hope you like this...

Credit for Taunts with his mp5 I modified the mag a bit to hold Grey connectors though.
Credit to the Dunkis for his trigger

This is my first instructible so leave alot of good comments please.

Step 1: The Adjustible Stock

The real stock of the M1 Carbine is actually some strong wires but I couldn't do that with knex. Although the stock is kinda weak It is adjustible to the users shoulder.

2-3 are the same thing (Sorry for the Blur)
4 Collect
5 Attach
6 Attach

Your done with the simple stock

Step 2: Handle

Sorry guys but I didn't want to take apart this handle so I just took so pictures of the outside although it should still be simple enough.

1 handle
2 top without blue connectors
3 other side
4-5 inside
6 with the blue connectors

Step 3: Parts You Will Use Later

These give the gun some pizzaz but I dont want to take apart the main gun right now so just build the Decals + Addons

1-3 the first part should be pretty self explanatory
4-5 another part
6 Build X2
7-9 the true tigger

Step 4: The Curved Magazine, Handle, and Barrel

The real M1 Carbine has a curved magazine but I found one similar to it. Traunts MP5 so I just modified it to hold grey connectors

1-3 Build Sorry but you'll have to modify the mag when we get to the End
4 -6 Add the rods (put the blue spacers there to help the trigger
7-8 Build these
9-10 Modify the Bottom of the mag as seen in these pictures
11- Find These
12- Attach them
13- Find this place
14- Put a blue rod here
15- Attach the handle like this
16- place another blue rod to secure it
17 Place the true trigger here and make sure that is is behind the rod with the spacers
18- Make this part and attach it here
19- Your Done with this part

Step 5: The Fake Barrel + Addons

You dont have to make this but it makes this gun look alot more realistic

1- Attach blue rods where you think you will need reinforcements
2- Build This
3- Attach it in front of the magazine
4-5 Build this
6- build these (they are not important but they make the gun look cool.
7-11 Connect according to the pics
12 Notice the green rods
13- Attach
14-15 Add the Addons you had
16- Add a green connector at the back of the gun
17- Place a blue rod in the hole to secure the handle
18- Place the stock at these places, also the grey rod goes in to the green connector
19- You are done with the gun

Step 6: Loading and Fireing

This is the step where I show you how to load and fire the gun

1- Take the White Connector off
2-3 Put a green Rod in the hole
4- Put the white connector back
5- The top one is the firing pin
The bottom on is the mag push
6- Put the firing pin in
7- Load ammo 4-5 at a time so the mag does not jam your bullets
8- Have Fun