Introduction: Knotted Necklace

Knot a necklace entirely of paper yarn.


paper yarn (2 different sizes)


crochet hook (optional)

Step 1: Chain

Part 1

1. Clasp 2 strands with the index finger and thumb of the left hand.

2. Wind the left/top strand around the middle finger, with the remaining fingers grasping the rest of the strand.

3. Tie the right strand over the left, reversing the direction into the newly formed loop from back to front.

4. Pull the right strand towards you, creating the first knot of the double stitch set.


1) Keep the left hand taut as in steps 1 and 2 above.

2) Reverse the rest of the steps above in steps 3 and 4.

3) Thread the right strand from the back over the left strand into the loop, pulling it downward.

Step 2: Ring

Part 1

1. Create a loop.

2. Clasp tightly at the intersection with the index and thumb of the left hand.

Part 2

1. With your other hand, thread the right end through the loop from back to front, reversing immediately into the newly formed loop (that is to the right of the original loop).

2. Continue pulling until the yarn is straight and taut.

3. While holding this position with both hands, push the left loop outwardly using the remaining fingers that are inside that loop.

4. This knot is the first of the double stitch.

Part 3

1. Thread the right end of the strand into the original (and taut) loop from front to back, then reverse immediately towards you through the newly created loop.

2. Pull this end tightly with your right hand and hold this position.

3. With your left hand, keep your index finger and thumb at the intersection while pushing out the original loop with the fingers inside the loop.

Part 4

1. Create 6 more sets of these knots on the original loop.

2. Pull the right end of the yarn (while your index and thumb of the left hand clasps the intersection) until the loop closes, creating a ring of double knots.

Step 3: First Part

Create 3 different size rings at the same intersection. To make thicker rings, double the strand of yarn.

Make a chain with picots (small loops between 2 double stitches).

Thread the free end towards the middle of the medium sized ring.

From this point on the medium sized ring, make a longer chain to attach to a point on the largest ring.

Step 4: Adding a Chain

Cut another strand of yarn and attach it to the large ring with the first double stitch knot of a new small chain.

Attach the end of this newly formed chain to the larger chain.

Step 5: Rings and a Chain

At the intersection of the large chain, create a small ring with picots using the single strand.

Using the double strand, create a small ring of about ten double knots.

Create a chain from the ring closure with the remaining double strand.

Step 6: Single Strand Ring

At the end of the single strand, create a ring of ten double knots.

After closing the ring, create a chain at that point using the remaining part of the single strand.

Step 7: Long Spiral

Use a different size yarn to create a long chain on the single strand.

Twist as you go to create a spiral effect.

Add tiny rings if you so desire.

Secure the ends and cut off excess yarn.

Step 8: Shorter Spiral

Use a different size yarn to create a long chain on the double strand.

Twist as you go to create a spiral effect.

Secure the ends and cut off excess yarn.

Step 9: Finished Necklace

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