Introduction: Tundra’s Treasure

Bury treasure inside a 3D map of a frozen tundra and create another map to record the location.


modeling paste
permanent marker

Step 1: Buried Treasure

Tear off a square piece of aluminum foil.

Place the jewels on top of the foil.

Wrap foil around the treasure, creatIng a mountain peak.

Step 2: Mountain Range

Crumple other pieces of torn foil around the mountain.

Build and shape the ranges as you spread out.

Step 3: Covered With Snow

Apply modeling paste on the canvas.

Place the mountain ranges on top and apply more modeling paste over the foil and canvas.

Step 4: Frozen Tundra

Use modeling paste to adhere the dried moss to the canvas.

Apply the paste on top of the greens to create the frozen flora.

Step 5: Arctic Winter

Use the modeling paste to build the frozen earth and apply white paint over the entire canvas.

Step 6: Leather Treasure Map

Use a permanent marker to draw the map of the tundra.

Mark the location of the treasure with an X.
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