Introduction: LARP Scroll / Aged Paper

Making Scrolls is actually really easy. I used a Sharpie because I don't own a photocopier but you can if you have access to one. There really aren't very many supplies and they are really easy to get.

1. Cardstock (it's important to make sure you don't get the glossy style, it needs to be able to absorb stuff)

2. Whatever writing thing you want to put on it.

3. Anything that stains

4. A cookie sheet that has a lip

5. Mod Podge

Step 1: The Look

Take your card stock and carefully tear along the edges of the cardstock to create a weathered effect. I left some smooth lines just to make it look newer. I have heard of people burning the edges off with a small flame, however I don't recommend it as it comes off as a little faker and is more dangerous. It's also a good idea to tear lines and holes here and there or take a sharp object like a pencil to poke a few holes in it grouped together in little clusters to form a wormy look. Random little notches are also a good idea. After you got it how you want it to look crumple it in you hand. Then smooth it out but not too much, the ridges and crevasses will give the strainers a place to puddle. On to the fun part!

Step 2: The Mess

Now get the cookie sheet out, make sure it has a lip or be prepared for a huge mess, and cover the sheet in a thin layer of liquid to start. I used a mix of cherry juice, coffee, ketchup, and a little bit of bleach. Feel free to change any ingredients depending on the scroll. Now just let it soak it all up into the ridges. Now for the secret ingredient #1: used coffee grounds. Use a cheap brush and spread it around the edges of the scroll (I didn't this because it didn't fit my theme). Let the scroll dry overnight. However, if you have a deadline to get this done then put it in the oven under 450 degrees, so it won't burn, for about ten minutes to dry quickly.

Step 3: The Finishing

Here is the scroll once it is dried and the grounds brushed off add some touches here and there depending on the type of scroll mold, burns etc. Spraying a little bit of bleach here and there will help with contrast and texture. Now for the back of the scroll. Since people won't focus on the back as much as the front it doesn't need as much work. I just used some brown water paint and called it good. I let some of the paint seep through as you'll see later. Now here are the random areas where the paint has seeped through. This gives the paper a more weather beaten look. Now on to the last part with secret ingredient #2 Mod Podge. For those people who don't know of this amazing item this stuff is basically dry clear glue. It gives items a thick, vellum-like texture. Apply liberally to the scroll, its just a white sticky mess so be careful. It helps if it's all going one direction. This takes around 25 mins to dry. MAKE SURE you'r scroll is dry before applying, you don't want it to mix with the liquids. Once dry enjoy you're new cool looking scroll. Enjoy! ;3

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