Introduction: LED Bottle Lamp

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In this Instructable me and my dad made a LED lamp from a bottle with a wood turned base. I have added the video this gives a lot more detail and would be worth watching before you start or for reference throughout.

Enjoy :-)

Items used

Wood round 6 inches x 2

1 used bottle

Tile drill bit and drill

Woodturning lathe

Led lights with battery pack. (you can get ones with battery in the cork so battery is hidden)

Epoxy glue felt for the bottom of base.

Step 1:

First we needed to drill a small hole in the side of the bottle for the LED lights to go into the bottle.

Its important to keep the drill bit cool we used a little drop cold water on drill bit.

Step 2:

Next we needed to put a tenon into the wood round to hold in lathe chuck.

Once this is done sand from 240 to 400/600 and apply sand sealer 50% and cellulose thinners 50%. Once dry sand lightly with 600 or use 00 wire wool. Apply 2 coats of melamine lacquer. Now thats this part finished, place wood into a chuck and get ready to finish the front part that holds the bottle.

Step 3:

Clean front of wood and make sure its flat. Measure the bottle and mark with a pencil now to cut the recess for the bottle and shape the top. once you have completed this part you are ready to finish the wood as before sand, apply sand sealer and then melamine this is all done.

Step 4:

Now put felt onto the base of the wood.

Start to thread the lights into the bottle through the hole you made in the side.

Glue the bottle to the base with epoxy all done.

After making this we found led lights with a cork as the battery pack this would be a lot better to use as the battery is hidden in the cork so you might want to think of using that in instead.

Many thanks :-)

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