Introduction: LED CAR TAIL LAMPS

trying to get better lights for my car i have created an new guide

old car laps used 21W+21W+21W+5W  total 68W used

it is known that bulb lights produce 5% light and 95 % heat so i tried to optimise this by using LEDs

this is how finished product looks like and also bulb/LED light comparison

price for this project is under 50$
i had used zextar leds (12V ones)

Step 1: SIZING

remove tail lights from car and measure the dimessions of original mount and cut an piece of test board (or any isolator) to fit your mount


after you have an basic board you can start to fit as many LEDS as you can for every light bulb replacement

Also you can cut your tail light to an new shape so that more LEDs can enter

test the circuit after every "bulb replacement" assembly to be shure that you did not mount any led wrong

as you can see i have rear light mounter right


mounting all LEDS

to get dimmed light for position lights i have used 12 1N4001 diodes in series with pozition lights

those lights are lit in 2 wais 1 in series with diodes and directly to get full light for brake light