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  • HTPC Streacom ZF240 Power Supply Mod

    HiHere is a simple explanationThe Molex connector has 1 wire for 5V2 wires for ground 1 wire for 12V The 6 pin adapter has 3 wires 12v 3 wires groundYou should consider that 3 wires are intended to provide stable 75W and all that current will come from 1 wire connected to the PSU so there is a risk of melting the wire.All GPUs that I tested use almost no current from the extra 20-4pins but you should test your own card with a MultimeterIn the meantime I replaced all wires from the PSU and modified it with 2x6 pin connectors to be able to run a newer GPU The 35W CPU was limited by my passive cooling capabilities at that time Happy modding!

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