Introduction: LED Makeup Box

Girls nowadays like to do makeup, but they don't know the steps to do their makeup clean and right, so this makeup toolbox would teach the steps that girls should do during makeup.

In this project, I have added 3 more light bulbs, also, I have made the structure more likely to be a tool in daily life.

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Step 1: Details on the Auduino Block

First, put the strings and the LED light bulbs on the Arduino board like the picture below

you need to put the wire on pin ~6, ~9, ~10, ~11, any of them that has ~ are okay to be plugged in.

you need resistance that is gold, brown, black, brown, and you would have to place it next to the wires you've plug

then you need to put the LED light bulbs on to the board. which the long side would be next to the wire and the short side would be next to the resistance.

Step 2: Ardunio Sketch

Second, the Arduino sketch is this one below.

Step 3: Make the Box

Third, Take a box and cut it into 4 squares.

you would have to take a box, any size is okay. then split it into 4 areas

Step 4: LED Lights

Fourth, take the LED light bulbs and plug it into the box like the picture below

Step 5: Place the Things

Fifth, place the makeups, lotions, and things you need before, during, and after makeup into the box in order.